Samsung Galaxy Note8 vs Galaxy S8: Which One Should you Buy

If you have been following the latest tech news, you must have seen the slew of new flagship phones being launched — be it Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5 or LG V30. Joining this flagship bandwagon is a new device – Samsung Galaxy Note8.

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So we have two high-end smartphones from the same makers launched in the same year. So, it seems only natural that we pit both the devices against each other and see which one has better worth for your money.

As you might already know, both the Galaxy Note8 and the Galaxy S8 sports the edge-to-edge infinity display and is powered by the same processor. So, where’s the difference?

Well, there is quite a handful of them when you look under the hood (and above, as well). So, let’s quickly sum up and see the key differences between the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S8.

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1. Screen: The Bigger the Better?

Both the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note8 sports Super AMOLED displays and it goes without saying that the displays are absolutely stunning. However, the Note8 has a larger display than the S8.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Vs Galaxy S8 9 1024X576
Samsung Galaxy S8

So, if you are looking for a phone with a larger display, pick the Note8. The huge real estate not only makes multitasking easy but also makes watching movies and videos an absolute joy. However, the bigger screen has a catch to it.

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Samsung Galaxy Note8

Since the Galaxy S8 and the Note8 pack the same resolution, the pixel density in the Note8 lessens due to the bigger screen. But for a regular human eye, this difference isn’t noticeable.

And thanks to the narrow profile, holding the Note8 isn’t much of an issue. The fingerprint sensor is easier to reach. But then, of course, you might smudge the camera lens more instead of the sensor.

2. Design

At the first glance, the Galaxy S8 and the Note8 both appear to be similar and it’s true to an extent. But when it comes to the difference, the Galaxy Note8 is a boxier version of the Galaxy S8.

Img 0159
Samsung Galaxy Note8

So, you won’t find the slim profile that is associated with the Galaxy S8 since the Note8 has to fit the S Pen inside the phone body.

Apart from the above, the rear of the Note8 is also different owing to the placement of the dual camera setup. In the design department, I would definitely give the Galaxy S8 a big plus.

3. S Pen: The Power of the Pen

It would be safe to say that no Samsung Note device is complete without its stylus. The Galaxy S8 packs in a thin, powerful and intelligent S Pen capable of outperforming the old ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Our First Impressions 1

Not only can you take notes even with the screen locked (Screen Off Memo), you can sketch your own doodles, put your personal touches in the Live Message, and translate words and phrases.

The Galaxy S8 doesn’t support S Pen and, hence, you would miss out on the above cool features.

4. Cameras — Dual vs Single

It’s no secret that 2017 is the year of dual cameras and the Note8 is the latest smartphone to hop on this bandwagon. It boasts of a wide angle and a telephoto lens that together produce a neat bokeh effect. Another noteworthy mention is the 2x optical zoom and the 10x digital zoom in the Note8.

Img 0145

A mention of the Note8’s camera isn’t complete without mentioning its second highlight – the Live Focus mode. This nifty mode not only lets you adjust the blur before taking a picture but also after it. And close on its heels is the Dual Capture mode, which will capture two pictures at the same time – one from a wide angle and a normal one.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Vs Galaxy S8 5 1024X576

And when it comes to the picture quality, both the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note8 capture sharp and vivid pictures with every detail beautifully captured. But yeah, you do miss out on the dual camera features in the Galaxy S8.

5. Hardware and Performance

The Galaxy Note8 sports the same processor as the Galaxy S8 — the octa-core Snapdragon 835 in the Americas and 10-nm Exynos 8895 in the rest of the countries. But when it comes to the difference, the Note8 features an additional 2-GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Vs Galaxy S8 14 498X1024
Samsung Galaxy Note8 Vs Galaxy S8 15

And this extra RAM makes its presence felt in the benchmark scores. The Note8 went the extra miles and clocked a score of 166017.

6. Battery

With Samsung playing safe with batteries, both the Galaxy S8 and Note8 are powered by smaller sized units. While the Galaxy S8 is powered by a 3000-mAh unit, the Note8 is powered by a slightly bigger 3,300mAh battery.

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On pen and paper, the Note8 will be able to borrow a few hours of battery life from this slight difference.

Both the phone come bundled with Fast Charge but lack Qualcomm’s Quick Charge.


The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is priced north of $900, depending on the carrier. In India, the Galaxy Note8 will retail at Rs. 74,900.

On the contrary, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is priced from $724.99 for the 64GB variant, while it retails for Rs. 57,900 in India.

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Which One Should You Buy?

At the end of the day, the difference boils down to the dual camera setup, the S Pen and of course the larger screen. If you aren’t much of a stylus person and can do without the Bokeh effect on your photos then the Galaxy S8 is your best bet. But if are already using a Samsung Note and can’t do without the stylus, the dual cameras will be an added advantage.

So, which one will you go for?

Last updated on 17 April, 2023

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