Sam­sung Galaxy Note8 S Pen: 5 Pow­er­ful Features

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Looking for a smartphone with a stylus? Samsung’s new Galaxy Note8‘s S Pen is an option you should definitely go for.

Adding on to the Note8’s industry-leading hardware and features, Samsung has upgraded the S Pen to provide more functionality and higher sensitivity to its users, who have waited long since the Galaxy Note7 tragedy.

Source: Samsung

Samsung has majorly banked on the stylus as a selling point for its Note series. With these five features to the Note8’s S Pen, the company promises to uphold its reputation.

Precise Control

The new S Pen has maintained its high sensitivity level of 4096 from the Note7. This gives users ease of maneuvering the stylus while taking down a quick note or signing an important PDF. The tip of the S Pen has also been narrowed down to almost 0.7mm to give it an edge over its competitors (few that exist).

Source: Samsung

Air Command

Whenever you take the S Pen out of its housing or press the button on its side while you hover over the screen, an easy-to-access pop-up menu appears from the right with new features, including Live Message.

Note 8 S Pen

Live Message

The cool new feature lets you create doodles, animated texts or live emojis and use various pen gestures to even edit photos. It also allows you to share personalized messages on social media apps that support animated GIFs.

Live Msg
Source: YouTube

More Space for Memos

The extended space of up to 100 pages in the Screen Off Memo feature lets you jot down memos and notes that are pinned to the Always-On display.

Note 8 Screen Off Memo
Source: Samsung

Translate and Convert On the Go

With its improved translate and convert feature, the S Pen lets you hover over texts to translate entire sentences and paragraphs. The translate feature is built on the Baidu API in China, which only supports 28 languages.

Note 8 Bixby Translate
Source: Samsung 

In rest of the countries, the feature uses the Google Translate platform that allows it to support up to 71 different languages. The new feature also allows instant conversion of currencies and measuring units from all over the world.

What’s More?

The Galaxy Note8’s S Pen also allows you to magnify and select certain sections on the screen that pique your interest. With the Smart Select feature, you can also share the selected content across social media platforms.

The Galaxy Note8 also comes packed with PENUP, its social network for sharing art created using the S Pen. It has extended its collection of images, from which users can select and express their creativity. Moreover, the S Pen is also resistant to water and dust with an IP68 rating similar to its predecessor.

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