Facebook Tests Pre-Loaded Instant Video: Great For Spotty Networks

Rahul Gupta

Facebook is testing a brand new instant video feature for its Android app. The aim is to provide pre-loaded videos on the app for users who are constantly on the move and have to encounter spotty networks.

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With pre-loaded videos, Facebook aims to offer a better and seamless experience. However, for the global audience, it might be a little far from reality as the tests have just begun.

As reported, Facebook is currently testing this new feature and will be making it available to users in the coming iteration of its Android app. The reason behind choosing Android is simply because it’s simpler to work on such features as compared to iOS.

Video Caching is the Key

Pre-loaded instant videos is a clever technique adopted by Facebook to provide video content even in the absence of an active internet connection. To make this possible the app caches some of the videos on the device to make them available offline as well.

It works quite similar to the feed as well, where current posts are made available and users can access them even without active internet.

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Not For All Videos

While pre-loaded instant videos is a great feature, users might not have control over what content they want to save on their device. According to people who are testing this new feature, only a few videos with the thunderbolt sign on them would be available.

Now looking at the way Facebook has been promoting paid content and advertisements, it is likely that marketing related content will get preference over general content.

However, it is too soon to say what content would be made available under pre-loaded instant videos.

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