Get Instagram Like Retro Photo Effects Online With InstantRetro

Instant Retro IconImage effects web apps existed long before Instagram. In fact, even before applying funky effects and showing it off on social profiles became a trend, Photoshop filters were the go-to tools for the job. But then the Instagram phenomenon came in the wake of the iPhone and android devices. All of us don’t tote such a device, so the hunt for a close alternative took us to Instant Retro.

Instant Retro is a neat image effects app that shares one standout feature with Instagram – simplicity.

Cool Tip: If you are looking to edit your photos more than just applying predefined effects, you should try Photobucket. It is a decent online tool.

InstantRetro takes your photos and allows you to spruce them up with a number of retro effects. Here, check out the public gallery of photos uploaded by users. The app is so simple to use that you won’t find any page with instructions on them to slow you down.

You don’t even need to register and log in to play with the image effects. However, you can easily connect to social networks like Facebook, Google + and Twitter and share your artistic creations. Let us see what are the options and what is a good process to follow.

Here’s the image that I plan to begin with. You can put yours by hitting the Upload button on the top left of the web interface.

Panaroma E1355634794355

If you are working with a photo, we suggest that you begin with adjusting the image a bit before you apply effects. Instant Retro’s image manipulation tools are all on one page, towards the right side. You will find controls like Darken edges, Lighten center, Screenlayer and Desaturate.

Instant Retro Levels

All you need to do is toggle on-off buttons or drag the sliders. Easy, right? Here’s how my uploaded photo turned out after the adjustments.

Instant Retro Effects1 E1355636570797

Once done, move to the panel below the image and apply any of the effects from the list. You can apply only one at any given time.

Instant Retro Effects2 E1355637011515

I just gave it a touch of Glowing Sun. And, the picture changed completely. Scroll up and check the one I began with.

Instant Retro Effects3 E1355637260467

Besides, you can apply some filters to refine your work. These are available as buttons 0n the right side, below the basic adjustment tools.

Instant Retro Effects5

You can choose to keep the photos public or private with the help of the little checkbox. Once you are satisfied you can save the image by hitting the Save image button. If not, you can revert back by choosing to Reset.

On saving the image you will be guided to a new page where in  you can share the picture on social networks. There’s an URL sharing option too. If you want to save it to your desktop, just right click on the image and click Save as…


Instant Retro also has a Chrome app and a Facebook app which you may want to try. And once you try I am sure you will not be disappointed. Try out few effects and share your experiences with us. Tell us about your favorite set of effects.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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