iPhone 8 Fea­tures, Specs Leaked: Face ID Confirmed

Rahul Gupta

The next Apple iPhone is just a day away from its official launch. While Apple is trying hard to keep its features under wraps, some of the features of the iPhone 8 have already leaked and they look brilliant for the new device.

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First and the foremost, Apple is likely to name its next flagship smartphone as the iPhone 8. While there were rumors that the new phone might be called as the anniversary edition, but a disgruntled Apple employee has spilled the beans for the global giant.

Face ID on iPhone 8

It’s all in the name and the iPhone 8 has it all. From a security perspective, Apple is likely to bring the face unlock feature to the new device. While this feature is not new and has been on other phones including the likes of Galaxy S8. The same got confirmed via a tweet.

With the Face ID, Apple aims at unlocking the device and adding easy security bypass to the iTunes and the app store and autofill data on Safari as well.

Dual-Cameras on Every Phone

Going with the trend, Apple iPhone 8 will get dual-cameras on every version, unlike the iPhone 7. While there will be different between the type of cameras being used on different devices, one getting a slightly better camera as compared to the other, dual-cameras are a given.

Apple iPhone 8 is launching tomorrow and that is when everything will become clear. For now, the anniversary edition is looking quite brilliant in the leaks.

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