Top 5 Trav­el Pow­er Adapters and Con­vert­ers in India

Namrata Gogoi

If you are a frequent flyer you must know that not all countries have the same power plugs and outlets. If in some the shape of the outlets differs, then in some other the voltage requirements vary.

And that makes charging phones and laptops quite difficult. So, it’s imperative that along with your passport you must also pack a reliable travel power adapter.

In this post, we have lined up the best travel power adapters and converters for Indian Users

Things to Check:

  • Voltage: Since voltage requirements vary from country to country,
  • Wattage: What devices will be using the adapter.

1. RTS Travel Plug

The RTS travel plug is supported in more than 150 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc. It comes with built-in safety shutters and fuse protection.

All the different travel adapters are sleek and easily fits into each other when not in use. The plugs are durable and come packed with a 2-year warranty.

The RTS travel plug can easily support phones, cameras, laptops and electric shavers. However, it can’t support products with heat element such as hair dryers or curling irons.

2. Cable World Universal Adaptor

A step above the RTS adapter is the Cable World universal adapter. It includes dual USB ports capable of supplying current up to 1A 10W. Other than that, it’s capable of accepting plugs from up to 150 countries including China, Singapore, Dubai, France, Switzerland, etc.

This one too comes with a built-in surge protector and safety shutters and supports a variety of devices like phones, laptops, cameras, etc.

3. Acekart All In One Travel Adapter

A similar product is the Acekart all-in-one travel adapter. It comes bundled with a diverse range of plugs to fit into wall sockets of the majority of countries.

What’s more, it too packs in two USB ports and comes with an LED indicator and surge protector. Acekart also promises a hassle free 1-year warranty for the travel adapter.

4. Artis UV200 Universal Travel Adapter & Converter

Another nifty option is the Artis UV200 universal travel adapter and converter. It’s has a unique design with a slider across from where you can choose the pin type — UK, Europe, and USA/Australia.

It comes bundled with a separate AC power indicator and a USB charging indicator. what’s more, it has a USB port 2.1 for fast charging.

5. VCOO Travel Adapter

A tad up the ladder is the VCoo travel adapter. This isn’t an Indian product, so you might have to shell out extra bucks for this one. It includes two USB ports for charging smartphones and music players.

Similar to most of the adapters, it also comes with a built-in fuse protection and safety shutters. However, it can’t support appliances over 1300 watts. So it won’t work on hair dryers or iron.

So, which one will end up in your cart? Until then, bon voyage!

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