How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing On Facebook

Are you tired of scrolling through your Facebook feed only to have videos start playing automatically, catching you off guard and disrupting your browsing experience? If so, you’re not alone. Many users find Facebook’s autoplay videos intrusive and inconvenient. But worry not, because this article will show you how to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook and regain control over your feed experience.

How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing On Facebook

Now, you might be wondering why you would want to stop autoplay on Facebook in the first place. Autoplaying videos can be frustrating, especially if you’re on a limited data plan or have a slow internet connection. These videos consume your data and slow down the Facebook app due to their size and quantity.

So, by disabling autoplay, you can enjoy a smoother and more personalized Facebook browsing experience. But before we get into the steps, let’s figure out what you need to know before turning off automatic video playback on Facebook.

Things to Know Before Disabling Automatic Video Playback

Before turning off autoplay on Facebook, there are a few key things to know. Auto-playing Facebook videos consume significant data, especially if you frequently scroll through your Facebook feed. By disabling autoplay, you have more control over when videos start playing, allowing you to save data and potentially reduce your internet bill.

Things to Know Before Disabling Automatic Video Playback

Disabling automatic video playback can also enhance your browsing experience by reducing distractions. By disabling autoplay, you gain more control over what you watch, as videos will no longer start playing automatically when you land on a page or scroll through your feed.

However, it’s critical to note that disabling automatic video playback may require manual interaction to play videos when you actually want to watch them. This means you’ll need to click or tap on videos to start them manually. With this understanding, let’s get into the steps and methods.

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How to Turn off Automatic Video Playback on Facebook Desktop

While following the steps to stop autoplay on Facebook, it is essential to note that the option to turn off autoplay is buried deep within the settings. If the steps are not followed correctly, you may have trouble finding it. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Facebook in your preferred browser on your Windows or Mac computer and log in with your credentials.

Open Facebook in your preferred browser

Step 2: Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

Click on your profile picture

Step 3: Select ‘Settings & privacy’ from the drop-down menu.

Select 'Settings & privacy'

Step 4: Under ‘Settings & privacy,’ choose Settings.

choose Settings

You will be taken to your Facebook profile settings.

Step 5: From the left pane, go to Videos.

go to Videos

Step 6: In the right pane, under Video Settings, next to Auto-Play videos, click on the chevron (arrow) icon.

click on the chevron (arrow) icon

Step 7: From the drop-down, select Off. 

select Off

Once the steps are complete, click on the home tab. From now, When you scroll through your feed, you will no longer see the video playing automatically.

If it is not the desktop videos that bother you but rather the Facebook mobile app causing inconvenience, continue reading.

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How to Disable Automatic Video Playback on Facebook App

The steps are the same for both Android and iOS. However, for the demonstration, we are opting to go with Android. Follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device and navigate to your profile picture. 

Launch the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device

Step 2: From the Menu, scroll down to ‘Settings & privacy,’ and from the drop-down, select Settings.

select Settings

Step 3: In the ‘Settings & privacy’ settings, under the Preferences section, choose Media. 

choose Media

You will be taken to Media settings. 

Step 4: Under the Autoplay section, move from the ‘On mobile data and Wi-Fi’ or ‘On Wi-Fi only’ option to ‘Never Autoplay Videos. The changes are automatically saved. 

Note: You can opt to go with ‘On Wi-Fi only’ if your only concern is about saving data while using Facebook.

Under the Autoplay section

That’s about it. You have successfully turned off autoplay on Facebook with ease. Once the steps are complete, close the Facebook app. Once you reopen the app, the videos will no longer autoplay. You have essentially turned off autoplay on FB. 

Check out the FAQ section below if you have any queries we missed addressing.

FAQs on Turning Off Autoplay on Facebook

1. Why is looping on Facebook?

The purpose of looping on Facebook is to capture and retain the viewer’s attention. Continuously playing the video without interruption can increase engagement and encourage viewers to watch the content multiple times. Looping can be particularly effective for short and captivating videos, allowing them to make a more substantial impact and enhance the viewing experience.

2. Can I customize autoplay settings for specific internet connections?

Yes, you can customize autoplay settings for specific internet connections. On both desktop and mobile, Facebook allows you to choose between autoplaying videos on Wi-Fi only or completely turning off autoplay for Wi-Fi and cellular data. Simply follow the steps mentioned above, and in the autoplay settings, select the desired option that suits your preferences.

3. Will disabling autoplay affect videos in Facebook Watch or other sections?

Disabling autoplay on Facebook will affect videos across the platform, including Facebook Watch and other sections. Once you turn off autoplay, videos will no longer play automatically while you scroll through your Facebook feed or explore different sections of the app or website. Instead, you will have control over when to start playing a video by manually selecting it.

Put a Stop to Facebook Autoplaying Videos

Now that you know how to stop video from automatically playing on Facebook, you can avoid unexpected noise, conserve your data, and browse your news feed without interruptions. So go ahead and implement these steps to make your scrolling sessions more peaceful and efficient. You may also want to read how to hide Reels on Facebook on desktop or mobile.

Last updated on 30 May, 2023

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