How to Disable Automatic Video Playback on Facebook App

Facebook’s latest mobile app offers a lot of improvements and a lot of new features. While most features have made our lives easier some of the features like the automatic video playback have created problems as well. While it definitely makes the app slower, it also consumes a lot of data, especially if you use facebook app regularly.

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But, there is a solution to this problem, and we will show you how you can disable Facebook’s automatic video playback feature on phone.

Simple Solution to the Problem

Facebook has offered the solution to this problem inside the official app itself, and its a straight forward fix. If someone is telling you to download additional software to make this happen, just ignore that.

Let’s Find Out How?

Here is a quick guide on how you can disable the automatic video playback feature of the new Facebook App.

Make Sure You Have the Latest App

Considering the fact that you are looking for a solution, we believe you have the latest Facebook App. If you don’t then kindly update it from the Google Play store or you can also do it from the following link.

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Root Cause of All Problems

High data consumption is a real deal with this feature.

The root cause of all problems is the automatic video playback on the app. The moment any video comes in focus it starts playing, in the new app. While come users have experienced device slowing down, high data consumption is a real deal with this feature.

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How to Disable Auto Playback

To disable automatic video playback you need to follow some simple steps. Go to the settings tab on the facebook app denoted by three horizontal lines on the upper right side.

From the drop down menu, scroll down and select app settings from the given options.

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Go To Autoplay

Under the app settings tab, you will find the autoplay tab. Select the tab to proceed with further settings.

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Disabling Autoplay

By default the Facebook app has the autoplay option enabled with the exception when the battery level is low. However you can override these settings.

To disable it completely, choose Never Autoplay Videos option from the list.

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And You’re Done …

Facebook app takes it into immediate consideration.

Once selected, exit the settings and the Facebook app takes it into immediate consideration and the videos would not play anymore. To play videos you need to manually select the video from the feed or on a particular page.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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