Gboard vs Swype: Which is the Best?

The first three names when it comes to Android keyboard apps are Swiftkey, Gboard, and Swype. We have already compared the Swiftkey and Gboard apps so it’s only natural that the Gboard is compared against the third name in the list.

Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 1

So here we are, with a detailed comparison of Gboard and Swype for Android and see who wins at the end.

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The Common Features

1. Gesture Typing

Swype. The name itself suggests that it’s big into the gesture game. In fact, more than once it has been referred to as the king of gesture typing. Swype’s gesture typing is fluid and accurate at the most. What I especially liked about it is the accuracy of the predicted words.

I especially liked the accuracy of the predicted words

The Google keyboard also supports gesture/glide typing and similar to Swype, it can also handle words prediction with ease. But if I were to compare it, I would side with Swype.

2. Accuracy and Prediction: Who Wins?

Both Swype and Gboard are almost at par when it comes to the accuracy of the predicted words and both of them excelled in the predicting the right word.

Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 11

But at the end, it really depends on how long you have used the apps to get the words predicted right. In this case ( keeping the time that I have spent on both the apps), I would again side with Swype.

3. Text Editing Mode

When it comes to the text editing mode, both the apps provide almost similar text editing mode. Using them, not only can you move around the written text in a fairly easy manner, you can also cut/copy and paste as per the need of the hour.

Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 10
Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 4

Again, both the modes are at par. However, Gboard’s mode is much easier to understand, courtesy the labels. On the other hand, Swype makes use of icons which can be a tad of an issue for first timers. But then again, the options in Swype are higher in number.

Now comes the part where you access this editing mode. While Swype has an easy-peasy access — tap on the 123 key and select mode, Gboard needs to setup before you can actually start using it.

4. The Theme Store

Though the Google keyboard started out small on themes, it scaled up quickly. Now it has more than a dozen free themes ranging from solid colors to keyboards with a picture background. What’s more, you can even create a theme of your own by importing a picture from the gallery.

Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 3
Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 8

When it comes to Swype, the basic and classic themes are free. But the ones which you’ll eventually end up liking — like the Garfield or Star Trek — aren’t free.

The Un-Common Features

1. Handwriting Recognition in Swype

Swype take gesture based typing a notch higher with its handwriting recognition techniques. So, if you feel that writing on the keyboard proves more productive than punching keys or swiping across the keyboard, your best bet would be the Handwriting Recognition trackpad of the Swype keyboard.

2017 09 08 18 06 37

The recognitions are accurate most of the times, provided that the gestures aren’t broken in between. From short words to individual letters — it can recognize them all.

2. Google Instant Search in Gboard

The main advantage of the Gboard is the built-in Google search. Herein, you can type and search on the go. All you need to do is tap on the G icon, type in your query and hit search. All the results will there for you to be shared instantly.

Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 2
So whether it’s a lyric to a song or a fact about the Blue Whales — everything can be shared in a jiffy.

3. Shortcuts in Swype

Swype comes with a boatload of handy shortcuts. Whether it’s copying texts in a jiffy or editing the case of a word or launching an app from the keyboard — it’ll complete these tasks in a jiffy.

Screenshot 20170908 175257 576X1024

But you just have to make sure that the system accessibility service is off.

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4. GIF and Emoji Search

Another notable feature of Gboard is the GIF search. Instead of scrolling through pages and pages of GIFs, just tap on the search bar, hit your query and tada! All the related GIFs will be right there for you to choose. And the same is true for Emoji search as well.

Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 9
Gboard Vs Swype Android Keyboard Apps Faceoff 6

However, with Swype, you won’t t find the need to have a dedicated emoji search bar. All the emojis are available at the top of the keyboard and as you type, the corresponding emojis would pop up at the top.

But when it comes to the GIF Integration, Swype doesn’t support it.

So, if it’s WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you can utilize the built-in GIF search for your conversations. But for other apps, you’d have to find an alternate keyboard app.

5.  Personal dictionary in Gboard

Shortcuts for frequently used words is another handy feature of Gboard. Long phrases such as addresses can be shortened easily with a couple of letters and added to the Personal dictionary.

2017 09 08 18 06 35

And as for Swype, it also loses a point in this aspect.

6. Google Translate in Gboard

You can call it the Google advantage. From within Gboard, you can translate words and sentences in real time.

2017 09 08 18 06 38

What’s brilliant about this relatively new feature is that it’ll let you choose both the source language and the target language and the rest of the work will be taken care of by the keyboard.

Who’s the Winner?

So, which would be the weapon of your choice in translating your thoughts into words? Well, if you ask me, it all depends on perspective. If you are looking for both a productivity booster as well as one which lets you have all the resources at your fingertips — Gboard is the one for you. But if typing speed, accuracy, and prediction is what you are looking for, I’d say go with Swype.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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