Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE is Now Out of Stock: 400,000 Units Sold


Riding on the back of a successful launch of its Galaxy Note8 flagship device, Samsung is tasting extended success in its home country as all the units of the refurbished ‘exploding’ Galaxy Note 7 device, called the Note 7 FE (Fan Edition) have been sold out.

400,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition devices have been sold in Korea | Photo: Photomans /

According to a report in The Korea Herald, all 400,000 units of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE, which was priced at $620, have been sold out.

Last year Samsung had to deal with fire — like, literally — in a major fiasco due to their exploding Galaxy Note 7 flagship devices. In addition to it being a PR nightmare, the company incurred heavy losses as they had to either replace or refund its unhappy Note 7 customers.

But as much of a disaster the device’s ill-fated battery unit turned out to be, the company found enough fanfare around the device to relaunch it in its home market in South Korea — refurbishing and renaming it the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition.

And the fans seem to be really happy shelling top dollars on the previous Galaxy Note iteration than their present dual-camera flagship Note8 device.

What is the Difference Between Note 7 and Note 7 FE?

In January this year, the company had revealed that the major cause of their flagship device going up in flames was the malfunctioning battery unit.

Breathing a second life, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition was given a teardown by and it revealed the only difference between the exploding Note 7 devices and the new Fan Edition is the battery pack.

The New Note 7 Fan Edition Battery on the left, old one on the right. | Source: iFixit

The new battery weighs 2.3 grams less and offers 1.16 Wh less charge than the original battery — meaning it won’t back up the New Note 7 Fan Edition for as long as the original one.

The only other major hardware difference is the design of the antenna, which the company claims is customised according to Korean standards — which is fine since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition is currently only being sold in South Korea.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE Come to Other Markets?

While the company must be keen to cut down on its losses by putting up refurbished Note 7 devices in other markets as well, the company hasn’t given any official confirmation towards this end.

It’s being speculated that the Snapdragon version of the device will receive an upgrade with the Snapdragon 821 chipset replacing the Snapdragon 820 on the refurbished devices. The Exynos chipset stays the same, which is being supplied in Korea.

The Galaxy Note 7 FE was sold in South Korea for $265 cheaper than the original Note 7 at $620 and its expected that the global prices might be slightly lower than that.

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