Xiao­mi Mi A1 Launch in Images: Cam­era, Cam­era and Price!

The Guiding Tech team attended the much-anticipated Xiaomi Mi A1 launch today, and right now at this moment we’re typing frantically, with bruised fingers, putting out stories for you all.

Ok, the bruised fingers part was an exaggeration but we’re enjoying ourselves at this event so we decided to share some pictures we took from the cameras of our beloved phones (which shall remain unnamed).

And the subheads say what we’d have said if we were there on the stage launching it, so don’t let it spike up your troll quotient; relax!

Mi Design is Better Than Your Design

Xiaomi Mi A1 design

Picture Perfect Camera … Like, You Know, Perfect!

Xiaomi Mi A1 camera

Wait, Did We Say Perfect? You Know Why? Because It’s the Dual, Stupid!

Xiaomi Mi A1 dual camera

The Lens Swings Both Ways

Xiaomi Mi A1 dual lens

And We’ve Amplified the Shit Out of the Audio

Xiaomi Mi A1 audio

Oooh, the Settings Screen is Drool!

Xiaomi Mi A1 settings

Alright, Ignore the Last Sentence. The Price is ACTUALLY DROOL!

Xiaomi Mi A1 price

So, Will You Buy it? Question is … Can You?

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