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Unarguably the most popular audio-ripping website,, is shutting down after being sued by a number of record labels including UMG, Warner Bros., Sony and a few more for copyright infringement.

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Users of were facing trouble downloading audio from the website for the past two days and the reason has finally come to fore. According to reports from TorrentFreak, a private settlement has been reached between the website owners and record labels.

The settlement fee remains undisclosed and the website, which was deemed responsible for over 40 percent of illegal audio-ripping by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), will be handed over to a party representing the record labels. allowed people to convert YouTube video links to a downloadable MP3 audio file and was last year sued by the record labels for infringing copyrights of 304 songs.

The record labels argued that the website had facilitated piracy and profited illegally off label-owned content by redirecting people to ads. They sought a $150,000 fine for each count of copyright infringement.

The court order has directed the website owners to ‘disable the domain’ within a period of 24 hours.

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While this is a sad news for all those who had been using the service to rip audio from YouTube videos, there still remain tens and hundreds of other ways to do the same and more will pop up.

While this settlement is a win for the record labels, there is still a long-long way to go before piracy can be ended — if at all.

Earlier this year, Google and Bing were also directed to stop showing results of Torrents websites on their search engine in a bid to counter piracy.

YouTube itself was menaced by creators who tried to profit from pirated content but they seem to be doing a better job now as the copyright infringement laws on the website have grown stringent over time.

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