Mi Cal­cu­la­tor for Android: 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of It

Namrata Gogoi

2017 has seen a lot of proprietary apps being released in the Google Play Store. First, it was Samsung and now, Xiaomi is following the trend with the release of its proprietary calculator app — Mi Calculator — into the Play Store.

What makes the Mi Calculator different from the default calculator app is its plethora of features and functions and that it’s available for everyone — even the non-Xiaomi users.

For starters, you can calculate mortgages or convert currencies with a tap of your finger. Another plus point of Mi Calculator is the easy interface and the option to edit and view previous calculations.

So should you download the Mi Calculator? The below are 5 features might convince you to get it on your Android.

1. Mortgage Calculator

The calculator from Xiaomi comes with a nifty mortgage calculator. All you have to do is enter the total amount, the repayment method and the interest rate and mortgage amount will be calculated.


Not only will it show you the repayment and interest amount but also the detailed breakdown of the mortgage details.

2. Currency Conversion

The currency conversion rates of the Mi Calculator are provided by Webull, hence you can expect accurate results from it.

It provides a three-way currency conversion wherein you can see the rates for all the three. For instance, my current setup displays the rate of the Indian Rupee, US Dollar, and Euro.


The Mi Calculator supports 60+ currencies.

3. Scientific

The Mi Calculator also doubles as a nifty scientific calculator. So, apart from the regular multiplications and additions you can also use it to perform factorials, trigonometric functions, logarithms or to find root value of numbers, etc.

4. Time

Everyone would normally agree that converting a couple of minutes into seconds is a child’s play. But when it comes to converting seconds into microseconds, it’s usually a tad hard. Well, worry not, the Mi Calculator has you covered.

Just head over to the time calculator and input your values and the result will be on your hands in no time.

And if you really want to see how does 10 years equal to in terms of minutes, that’s there too.

5. Volume & Mass

Another nifty feature is the volume and mass calculator. Similar to the above, all you need to do is input the required volume in cubic meters, liter or cubic foot and the result would be handed out in no time.

The same is true for the mass calculation — whether it’s a conversion from tonne to pound or tonne to kilogram.

How to Download Mi Calculator

Downloading the Mi Calculator is a cakewalk. Head over to the Google Play Store, search and install — just like any other third-party app.

Drawbacks: Android Permissions

For a calculator app, the Mi Calculator asks for a quite a handful of Android permissions.


This includes location, phone, and storage along with the access to view network and Wi-Fi connections.

So, if you are not comfortable with these permissions, you can choose to disable them in Settings > Apps and the app will function normally.

Will you Use it?

So, will you use a third-party calculator app that makes work easier without the need to rely on an online search? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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