WhatsApp Verified Business Accounts Rolled out in India


Last week, WhatsApp announced that it’s testing verified business accounts on a pilot basis with companies globally and now the service has been extended to India with BookMyShow.

According to a Factor Daily report, Ola, Oyo, and airlines will also be joining BookMyShow soon. The report also mentioned that BookMyShow has confirmed this feature is no more in the pilot stage and they’ve integrated WhatsApp with their service.

‘WhatsApp is exploring ways for you to communicate with the businesses that matter to you’ and towards this end, they have started verifying business accounts.

By introducing verified business accounts to the fold WhatsApp might be looking to replace the traditional SMS service as a way to confirm things to a user. Per se, in case of BookMyShow, a ticket booking confirmation or in the case of Ola, the OTP pin to confirm the ride.

Given the huge potential of the messaging service which has more than a billion active users, many businesses have started using it to attract potential customers or solve the queries of the existing ones.

If a contact appears with a ‘green badge’ next to its name, that means the number has been confirmed by WhatsApp to belong to a business account. This green badge looks similar to the blue tick on Facebook or Twitter.

WhatsApp will indicate a user that they’re talking to business contacts via yellow messages inside a chat. Messages with a verified business account can not be deleted.

If the phone number associated with the business is already saved in your phone book then it will appear as that name. If the business contact isn’t saved in your phone address book, then the name will appear the same as the business has chosen for themselves.

Last week, WhatsApp updated its web services with the Status Update now appearing there too.

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