Top 10 New Android Apps For September 2017

The month of September is upon us and keeping up with the monthly routine, we are back with a new set of cool Android apps. This month, we have compiled a list of apps which can bring a nifty iOS-like control center or a camera app with built-in AR to your Android. And yeah, we also have a cool SMS Organizer from none other than Microsoft.

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As it’s going to be a long one, let’s jump straight in.

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1. Holo – Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality

If you are die-hard AR enthusiast, then the Holo – Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality is the perfect app to add to your list.

Screenshot 20170901 105820

Holo lets you add holograms of real characters — super heroes or animals — into your pictures or videos. So, even if you haven’t really met Spiderman, you can have a little holo of him sitting next to you or perhaps on your shoulders. Cool, noh?

Quick Trivia: Augmented Reality or AR is the next big thing in the world of smartphones, with Google launching a brand new AR platform — Google ARCore

2. HD Wallpapers from WallR

If you are choosy about your phone wallpapers, trust the HD Wallpapers from WallR app to take care of it. It comes bundled with a beautiful collection of HD wallpapers with an easy-to-navigate interface.

Screenshot 20170831 194948

What’s more, if you are pushed for time but yet would want to go for the best wallpapers, the Standouts section under Top Picks will serve the purpose.

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3. SMS Organizer – Clean, Blocker, Reminders & Backup

The SMS Organizer from Microsoft is an app that Android, unfortunately, never had. As its name suggests, it focuses on the important messages and in the process filters out the spam.

Screenshot 20170830 175014

What’s more, it also segregates payment related, transactional and promotional messages into nice little tabs. Beyond that, it has a read/unread toggle at the top which makes segregation even cooler.

4. Control Center IOS 11

Another nifty Android app is the Control Center IOS 11 app. It replicates the iOS 11 Control center on your Android thus giving you easy access to the controls like brightness, volume, calculator, screen timeout, etc. and toggles for Bluetooth or Wifi.

Screenshot 20170901 125917

It needs a tad setup in setting up the camera app or music player and once done, but once done, all you need is swipe up on the home screen and all the handy settings will be instantly available.

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5. DirectChat (ChatHeads for All)

Odds are that most of us use around 3-4 messaging apps at the very minimum. DirectChat (ChatHeads for All) is the app which keeps all the messages under a single roof, thus making it convenient to reply to messages from a single platform. Not to mention the amount of time saved which goes into opening different apps.

Screenshot 20170831 195613

This app supports 16 apps and also lets you customize them. What’s more, you can also have floating chat heads to access the messages even better.

6. S Player – Light & Powerful

The Google Play Store has its share of both powerful and mediocre video players. And a new kid joining this herd S Player – Light & Powerful.

It’s light and sports a handful of nifty features like gesture playback with ease.

As suggestive of its name, it’s light and sports a handful of nifty features like gesture playback, eye-protection mode, and real-time sync.

Plus, S Player also boasts of a video scanning feature which scans through both the internal memory and SDcard for playable video formats. However, this feature also has a downside — all the annoying WhatsApp videos also makes its way to this list.

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7. Reverse Dictionary

I think we have all been in a situation where we struggle to remember a particular word, but can’t get down to it. That’s when Reverse Dictionary comes in.

Screenshot 20170831 193614

It lets you describe a concept and it gets back to you with a set of related words which describes the phrase best. For instance,

For instance, great river London translates to Thames or big mountain Nepal translates to Everest.

And for more desperate situations, it gives you the option to select from the Sounds like or Spelled like.

8. Pixomatic photo editor

The Pixomatic photo editor app lets you remove, replace and cut out non-essential image elements from your pictures all from the comforts of your smartphone. All you have to do is mark the edge of the object and the rest of it will be taken care of by the app.

Screenshot 20170901 105354

Beyond that, you can also use it to blur image backgrounds for bokeh effect, apply filters on top of other filters and manually adjust image color and opacity.

What’s more, it lets you make stickers and add it to pictures later.

9. Pzizz – Deep Sleep & Power Nap

If you have been troubled by light sleep or insomnia, trust the Pzizz – Deep Sleep & Power Nap to take care of it. Much like Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax, it has a collection of soothing bed-time audio scores that will help you fall into natural sleep.

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10. Adapticons

Customization. That’s what Android is known for. And the Adapticons app takes customization to the next level. It lets you design amazing app icons for your home screen.

Screenshot 20170831 203442
Screenshot 20170831 205954

So, whether it’s a flowery design or a puzzle pattern — you get to select it all.

Cool Tip: Combine an awesome icon pack

Which is the One?

So, these were some of the cool Android apps launched in the last few months, which will definitely take your Android experience up by several notches.

So, which one of these will you try out first? If you ask me, I am quite impressed by the Adapticons.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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