Amazon is Facing Burns from the Eclipse


The Solar Eclipse swept across USA on August 21 and hordes of people gathered to watch it and a number of them had purchased the glasses, which make Eclipse-viewing safe, from Amazon. But it was found that several of them were defective and now the e-commerce giant is facing a lawsuit for the same.

The Solar Eclipse was a big deal and dealers on Amazon seemed eager to earn some money from the hype. But such poor-quality eclipse glasses could’ve caused headaches and eye damage to the wearer.

The defective glasses sold by the Seattle-based company has landed them in a soup as they’re facing a class-action lawsuit from two South Carolina residents — Kayla Harris and her fiance Thomas Corey Payne — in the federal court.

The couple had purchased a three-glasses pack from the retailer in early August. Following the eclipse, they started experiencing headaches, watery eyes, and vision impairment — including blurriness and distorted vision.

More than a week before the Solar Eclipse, Amazon had recalled a number of eclipse glasses that they deemed were adequate and might cause trouble to the user.

The company said that they had sent an email to the customers who had bought the defective units to return them.

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But Harris and Payne claim that they never received any such email from Amazon and also said that they’ll be representing all the people who suffered injuries by this fraudulent sale.

Although this isn’t the first instance a counterfeit product has landed on Amazon’s pages, it sure seems to be the first one that is going to cost the company dearly.

Amazon has north of two million independent sellers who use their platform to offer products to potential customers.

Solar Eclipse was a great opportunity for anyone looking to make quick bucks and given the high number of sellers offering the glasses, it sure would’ve been difficult for the company to verify as many products but that doesn’t make up for a valid excuse.

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