Combine Best of Two Photos In One Using Photo Fuse in Windows

Capturing a perfect group portrait is a difficult task to achieve. Getting the flawless smile of every individual in the group is usually next to impossible. No matter how tactical you are, sometime you just end up with dozens of photographs with small glitches in each of them.

If you don’t want all your hard work to go in vain just because an individual blinked when you pressed your shutter button then Windows Live Photo Gallery can save your day.

Photo Gallery is a powerful tool to import and organize photos from your camera into albums, and then do a lot of interesting things with them. It is a part of the Windows Live suite of tools and you can download it for free on your Windows PC.

There are many neat tools available in the program that can help you create panoramas, movies, slideshows, and more. One of such interesting feature of Photo Gallery is Photo Fuse.

What is Photo Fuse?

Photo Fuse is a feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery that combines the best parts of two or more photos into one. This feature comes in handy while improving photos, like group portraits, where a person might look better in one photo than in another.

How to Fuse Photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery

Step 1: After you install Windows Live Photo Gallery, open the application. You will see thumbnails of all the photographs in your computer. Navigate to the folder that contains the photographs you need to work on. Select the pictures you want to fuse together and click on Photo Fuse form Create tab.

Clip Image0011

Step 2:  Select the area of the photograph you want to fuse together. You can zoom in the photograph to be precise by dragging the picture while holding down the Alt key.

Clip Image002

Step 3: Now finally select the photograph you think is the perfect replacement. Once the processing is done save it on your disk.

Clip Image0031

Note: The art of fusing two photographs is made as simple as possible but still you need to practice a lot before you can master it. It will take both patience and time before you start creating perfectly fused photographs. Also make sure you have ample numbers of photographs before you start fusing and make sure they are all taken at the same scene.

My Verdict

Photo fuse is a great tool to create the perfect picture by bringing together several shots and combining them into one flawless image. It’s actually an easier alternative to advanced tools like Photoshop that help you do just about everything with your images.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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