Did Microsoft Create an SMS App that Android Never Had?

Truth be told, the humble SMS or text message has long been replaced by the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal, etc. While it did push its priority down, however, text messages can’t be ruled out altogether. From OTP to current bank balance — the SMS app still acts as the mighty aggregator of important messages.

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Unfortunately, along with these messages, it also aggregates a whole lot of other junk — promotional materials and ads. And it goes without saying that a messy SMS interface makes everything hard to find.

If you’re having trouble keeping a tab on your important text messages, trust the SMS Clean – Free SMS, Backup to do the job for you.

Why This Matters

The obvious answer is you’ll have trouble finding important stuff on a messy interface. Sure you can use the search facility, but that approach isn’t always efficient, especially when you are pushed for time.

SMS Clean – Free SMS, Backup: A Clean Solution

SMS Clean is a free app designed by Microsoft that focuses on the important messages and in the process filters out the spam.

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What’s more, it even has the support for backup and restore, so that you don’t lose out on the important texts when you switch phones.

However, that’s not the only features that this cool app has up its sleeves. Here are some of the important features of this simple app.

1. Segregates Payment Related Messages

Aforesaid, the SMS Clean app intelligently segregates the transactional messages from the rest. So the next time when you have to find the last message sent by your bank, you needn’t sink in the big ocean of spam messages.

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What’s more, it has a read/unread toggle at the top which makes segregation even cooler.

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2. Removes Spam

Another significant feature is that the app sifts through all your texts and puts all the promotional materials on a different tab, thus removing the clutter.

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So, not only do you have a clean SMS interface but also all the messages are right there if you want to refer them later.

3. Smart Reminder

Tracking bill payments and due dates are a child’s play as this app neatly lines all the payments related info — be it your credit card or phone payment — under a single roof.

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And what makes it even better is that tapping on them will open the respective apps and pages.

4. Cool Customizable Options

An Android app without its share of customizable options is quite a bummer. Rest assured that SMS Clean has its own share of customizable features like swipe options, changing the font or setting the notifications toggles.

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Moreover, the app has a nifty starred messages feature where you can keep all the essential messages so as to access them quickly.

To star a message all you need to do is long-press on a message and tap on the star icon at the top right corner.

5. Make a Rule

The SMS Clean app can sometimes (rare, though) miss out in labeling an SMS correctly.

In such cases, all you need to do is long-press on it and move it to the right folder while checking the checkbox at the bottom.

Go Clutter-free

The SMS Clean app is one that Android never had and Microsoft helped to build. What I liked about this app is that it gave me the independence to disable notifications for promotional messages.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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