5 Cool Android Oreo Pixel Launcher Features

If you are not living under the rock, you must be aware that the eighth installment of Google’ OS — Android Oreo — was released last week amidst much fanfare. And one of the most prominent updates of Android O is the launcher itself.

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As you might already know, a launcher can make or break an Android experience. And with the new features built into the Pixel launcher (for Android O), Google wants you to have a seamless experience as it can get.

In this post today, we discuss the notable features of the Google Pixel Launcher for Android O. And don’t worry if you aren’t a Pixel user, we have got a surprise for you at the end.

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1. Cool App Shortcuts

Taking a leaf out of Apple’s 3D touch, Apple has designed the Pixel launcher to pop up a set of quick action. It’s incredibly handy especially as it lets you skip the middle man and lets you get down to business in a jiffy.

Cool Android Oreo Pixel Launcher Features 2
Cool Android Oreo Pixel Launcher Features 3

For instance, if you want to switch to Google Voice search instantly, all you have to do is long-tap on the icon –whether it’s in the app drawer or home screen — and access the feature directly.

These app shortcuts can also be placed on the home screen

This feature is available in most of the in-house apps. What’s incredible is that these shortcuts can also be placed on the home screen.

So if you use the My Library option of the Play Music too often, you know the trick to access it real quick.

Android Nougat users can have this cool feature through the Nova launcher

2. Email Notifications

An offspring of the above app shortcuts is the email notification system in the Pixel launcher. Next time you receive an email, you can straightaway see the sender simply by long-pressing on the Gmail icon.

Cool Android Oreo Pixel Launcher Features 4

What’s more, you can straightaway jump to composing an email right from the home screen.

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3. Change Icon Shapes

Customization is the main highlight of Android and the updated Pixel launcher takes it a notch higher. With it, you can choose from an array of icon shapes, without the need to opt for a third-party icon pack app.

Cool Android Oreo Pixel Launcher Features 5
For this, you’d have to pinch-in on the home-screen and select Settings > Change icon shape. You get the option to choose from Square, Rounded square, Squircle, and Teardrop.

4. Notification Dots

This was one of the most highlighted features of Android Orea.These dots appear on top of any app which has an unread notification or message.

Cool Android Oreo Pixel Launcher Features 6

Though the color of these dots can’t be changed at will, the notification dots can be turned on/off for individual apps.

To enable or disable it, long press on any app, tap on the info icon and tap on notifications.

5. Snooze Notification For an Hour

The Pixel launcher for Android Oreo comes with a nifty notification system for it allows you to snooze these notifications. Just swipe right on the notifications and they will snooze.

Cool Android Oreo Pixel Launcher Features 7
Cool Android Oreo Pixel Launcher Features 1

The default timing is set to 1 hour but you can snooze them up to 2 hours or something as less as 15 minutes.

Get Pixel Launcher for Your Non-Pixel Phone

The Android Oreo Pixel launcher is certainly a great productivity booster. The good news is that even if your phone hasn’t upgraded to Android O yet, still you can have a taste of this launcher.

Reddit user, AmirZ has developed a modified version of the Pixel launcher known as Launcher3, which brings the pixel experience to your (obvious) non-Pixel phones.

Download the apk file for Pixel launcher here.

So, when are you going to get it?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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