4 Things to Expect From YouTube’s New Mobile App

Rahul Gupta

YouTube, the global infotainment library has undergone a major makeover. Starting today, the logo, the mobile app, and the web player will feature some brilliant design changes. The developers at YouTube are attributing this change to need for better viewability and ease of use, global users will get some nifty features with its new apps.

So here are 4 major changes that you will notice with new YouTube mobile app.

A Simple New Design

YouTube’s mobile app is now redesigned to maximise comfort while viewing videos and searching for content. As compared to the previous iteration, the new app features a clean white look, while all the navigational tabs have been moved to the bottom of the page.

This feature is extremely useful for devices with a bigger screen and will promote one-handed usage.

Embedded Navigation Controls

Taking hints from some of its previous experiments, YouTube has included navigational controls on the screen itself. Now while watching the video users can simply tap on the right side to skip 10 seconds of the video and the left side to go back 10 seconds.

Another cool thing included in the new design are gesture controls. Users can swipe left to right to watch the next video to swipe right to left to go back to the previous one.

Video Speed Control

The new app will also come with the ability to slow down or speed up the playback of a video. This feature will come in handy while watching videos that have high or slow speed content.

Screen Size Adaptability 

Another great feature of the new app is the ability to adapt the screen to the size of the video being played. Regardless of the fact whether you are in the portrait or landscape mode, the new app will optimise the screen for best viewability of the video being played.

This feature would work best for user generated content where videos are shot in portrait mode and the new app will play it beautifully.

Suggestions While in Full Screen

Another welcome change included in the new update is the ability to suggest related videos while in fullscreen mode.

While this feature is not entirely new and has been on the desktop/web app, on the mobile app it will help users consume more content while reducing navigation time.

And Something For the Desktops

The desktop mode will also be in line with YouTube’s new design philosophy, the best feature included in the desktop version is the new dark mode for easy night time viewing.

While YouTube is working had to roll-out features as soon as possible, some areas globally might see a slight delay in the feature roll-out while it is being made available on their location.

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