4 Amazingly Creative Ways to Take Better Selfies

Selfies have taken the world by storm. Although the selfie is not a new concept, most phones these days include front-facing cameras which makes the capture of selfies much easier. Social media has also boosted the prevalence of the selfie art form.

Selfie Better Main

Selfies are cool and all but how good are you really at taking them? If you want to improve your selfie game, stay tuned for some tips on how to level-up your selfies.

Screen Flash

Chances are that you will be taking your selfies with your phone’s front-facing camera. While flashes are common for the rear-facing cameras on phones, this is much less common when it comes to their front-facing counterparts.

This makes taking selfies a little more challenging in low-light conditions. Some manufacturers such as LG and Apple have addressed this by using the screen for illumination when taking selfies in low-light conditions.

Even, if your phone does not natively support any type of illumination feature for your front facing camera, there are apps that can be downloaded which can help you to take better low light selfies.

For Android, apps such as Selfie Light provide illumination through the use of a bright background. This leads to improved selfies compared to when nothing is done.

Screen Light Gt
Selfie Light for Android

For iPhones older than the 6S which don’t have the screen flash functionality built in, there are similar solutions to the Android app mentioned above. Selfshot – Front Flash Camera works well and can be used to breathe new life into selfies taken on older iOS devices.

Physical Selfie Flash

Although many phones don’t come with a flash built into the device for the front camera, external selfie flashes are available. These devices plug into your phone’s audio jack and can be triggered when taking selfies. One such device is the Grip® Universal selfie flash pictured below.

External Selfie Flash

Selfie Drones

Drones are an awesome way to take amazing photos. They can also be used to take hands-free selfies. There are actually drones available which are geared towards doing just this. Possibly the best such drone available is the DJI Mavic.

Dji Mavic Pro
DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic is priced at a whopping $999 USD however. For a more affordable option, the Zerotech Dobby Mini Selfie Pocket Drone goes for about $276 USD.

Zerotech Dobby Mini Selfie Pocket Drone
ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone

Selfie drones can be used like regular drones as well but are much more portable. Their portability makes them suitable for selfies as they can be easily transported to and fro just like a smartphone.

Hold Your Phone Horizontally

Holding your phone horizontally, in a landscape orientation, allows you to capture more of a scene. This is especially important for group selfies. A landscape orientation also means that your photo will look better on widescreen displays.

Selfie Landscape Orientation
Hold your phone horizontally to take in more of the scenery

Selfie App

If you want to truly become a selfie professional, then you should consider getting some help. Luckily there is an app on the way that can direct you on positioning your phone to take the optimal selfie.

Final Thoughts

With some relatively minor adjustments and/or simple tools, your selfie quality can be improved. If you’re really hardcore then consider getting a portable, selfie geared drone for awesome hands-free snaps. Selfies are here to stay, so we might as well take the best ones we can.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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