How to Achieve Faster File and Folder Copying in Windows With TeraCopy

One of the major shortcomings that the Windows OS had ever since it came into existence was the poor file copy/move operation. It is brilliantly (and hilariously of course) summarized by this XKCD comic strip.

Whether you are working on the good ol’ Windows 98/XP or you have the latest beta version of Windows 8 installed, the default Windows Explorer file handling tool is usually a pain to work with.

Working with the conventional tool means that there’s no option for a user to pause the ongoing file operation. Also one has to stick to the default file buffer size which tends to decrease performance on a faster processor.

If you have had enough of this Windows file copying crap, I recommend you try TeraCopy today.

What is TeraCopy

Tera Copy Application

TeraCopy is a freeware designed to copy and move files in Windows environment at the maximum possible speed but with minimum possible effort.

Using TeraCopy

The tool is easy to get started with. It is one of the few tools that fall under install and forget category. Just as you install TeraCopy it integrates itself to the Windows shell replacing conventional file copy and move tool.

Tera Copy

However, if you want to keep the default Windows Explorer file handling tool ( I personally don’t prefer to do that) you just need to uncheck the option “Use TeraCopy as a default copy handler” from Menu—>Preferences in the program itself.

Tera Copy Preference

You can then initiate TeraCopy only for specific tasks from the right-click context menu.

Tera Copy Context Menu

Advantages of TeraCopy

Here are 2 main advantages of using this advanced file copier for Windows.

Faster file copy with shell integration

A user can adjust the file buffer to achieve faster file copy speed by reducing file lookup time. The program auto-initiates as the user tries to use the copy and move function, replacing the Explorer’s default tool.

Pause and resume file transfers with queue support

If you want to free all your system resources for a high priority task then you can pause your copy process any time using TeraCopy. You can even add, drop or skip files in the copy queue as per your needs.

My Verdict

All I can say is that TeraCopy is the best replacement to the crappy Windows file handling tool. It overcomes all the shortcomings of the Windows default copy/move tool and is a must have application for all the Windows users.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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