Samsung is Venturing into AI-Powered Smart Home Speaker: Confirmed


Following the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note8, rumors are afloat that the South Korean company might be looking to foray into the AI-powered smart home assistant market which is currently dominated by Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Smart Homes devices are slowly and steadily finding their place as the centerpiece of smart homes and arguably add convenience to our lives.

Recently, Apple announced their smart home speaker — the Home Pod — at WWDC 2017 and so did Xiaomi last month.

The company’s in-house smart assistant, Bixby, also received an update earlier this month as its new English language capabilities which was first released in USA and earlier this week was rolled out to users worldwide.

Samsung’s mobile division head DJ Koh has confirmed to CNBC that the company is working on its own AI speaker which will feature Bixby smart assistant.

According to earlier reports, Samsung’s Bixby-powered smart home speakers will be called ‘Vega’.

This move by Samsung doesn’t come as a surprise. Following the relative success of Amazon Echo, the smart home assistant market has seen a surge in the number of companies manufacturing one of their own.

Google is offering Assistant-powered Home, Apple is offering Siri-powered HomePod, Microsoft is offering Cortana-powered Invoke (in partnership with Harmon Kardon), and even Xiaomi has unveiled Mi AI speakers.

These global offerings in the smart home speaker segment add to certain local offerings such as Line’s speakers which are available in Japan.

While currently Bixby only supports English and Korean, Samsung plans to expand Bixby’s voice capabilities further by adding more languages, countries, devices, features, and support for third-party applications.

The popularity of smart home speakers is gaining momentum and it’s not long before every major electronic company in the world will start offering smart home tech.

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