10 Lesser Known Android Apps That You Probably Didn’t Know

The Google Play Store is immense. And it’s almost not feasible to go through each app and game. Thus, we, at Guiding Tech, have taken it upon ourselves to sift through the Play Store to hunt for lesser known but promising Android apps.

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So, without further delay, let’s get started.

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1. Fast Finder

Storage in smartphones run into several gigabytes, these days, thanks to the hundreds of songs, high-resolution videos, and pictures. And sifting through them to locate a single file can be frustrating and agonizing. Fast Finder comes to the rescue in situations such as these.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 1

Fast Finder is a light Android app which searches and gathers the results under a single roof. So, whether it’s a contact name or a file name, all you need to do is type in a few keywords and it would be presented to you in a jiffy.

What’s more, this nifty tool can be integrated with the launcher app. So instead of opening the app and searching, it’ll kick in when you double tap on the home button.

2.Music Player by AppBott

BeatBox Music Player is a free mp3 music player for offline songs. What makes this app truly amazing is the fluid interface and impressive backgrounds.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 3

The settings menu includes a number of settings to make your music experience worthwhile. And like most of the music players out there, you can choose to select your songs through Artist or Albums.

3. Bacon Camera

If your Android smartphone doesn’t have support for the manual mode (or pro mode), trust the Bacon Camera to take care of it. The best feature of this app is that it lets you save a picture in RAW mode, even if your phone doesn’t support it.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 11

It has a slew of advanced settings like ISO and exposure adjustments, settings the focus or the white balance, etc. What’s more, it lets you create a GIF as well.

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4. CetusPlay-No.1 Android TV box/Fire TV Cast&Remote

CetusPlay is easily one of the best remote apps for Android TV and Fire TV. The only prerequisite for this app is that both the TV and your Android smartphone must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Plus, it also packs in a button for displaying the memory usage.

This app comes bundled with the basic buttons like power, home, back, volume up/down, menu, and the navigation button. Plus, it also packs in a handy display for the memory usage. Tapping on this button cleans the background processes.

5. Automate

Automate, as the name suggests, is an automation app that boosts productivity simply by automating the redundant task of everyday life. For instance, turning on the WiFi when you reach office or move a file to a dedicated folder at a particular time.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 8

Making the rules are easy. All you have to do is make an if-then-else flowchart and validate it.

What’s more, Automate even supports Tasker and Locale plug-ins.

6. Portal – WiFi File Transfers

If your work involves the frequent transfer of files from your PC to your phone, then Portal – WiFi File Transfers is your best bet to manage the work wirelessly. Since it works over WiFi, the transfer is fast and quick, regardless of the file size.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 9
10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 10

To transfer the files, open portal.pushbullet.com on your computer, scan the code using the in-app QR analyzer and you are good to go. This app comes in great use when transferring offline songs from PC to phone.

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7. Shortcutter Quick Settings

The Android Quick Settings menu is cool but it can be made cooler with the aid of the Shortcutter Quick Settings app. It lets you fully customize the menu by adding tiles of your choice.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 5

The tiles can be anything like a calendar event, alarm clock or a shortcut for a new message.

8. Click2Chat WhatsApp

WhatsApp has certainly made great progress when it comes to adding features, but it lags behind if you have to send a message to someone who isn’t in your contact book. Coming to the rescue is the Click2Chat WhatsApp app.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 6

All you need to do is select your country, enter the number and message. Tap on Send and you are done! That’s it, no more saving and cluttering your contacts app.

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9. Unseen – No Last Read

Ever since WhatsApp rolled out the feature of the ‘Blue ticks’ or ‘Read Receipts’, it’s almost impossible to read WhatsApp messages without notifying the sender, unless you disable the Read Receipt option.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 2

Unseen – No Last Read, as suggestive of its name, uses a smart workaround to avoid the WhatsApp read receipts. It intercepts the WhatsApp messages as soon as it reaches your phone.

And alongside showing them in WhatsApp, it also showcases them in the Unseen app. All you need to do is open the Unseen app instead of WhatsApp and you are saved.

Not only does it work on WhatsApp, it works amazingly well on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Viber.

10. Smart bike mode Auto Responder

One of the highlights of Samsung J series smartphones is the S bike mode. However, it’s only available for Samsung phones. If you are looking for a workaround, the Smart bike mode Auto Responder app is the apt option.

10 Lesser Known And Really Cool Android Apps 12

When enabled, it automatically sends a pre-recorded text message when you receive a call. Along with the bike mode, it also comes with a handy Driving mode, Reading mode, and a Meeting mode.

That’s a Wrap!

These were some cool and lesser known Android Apps in the Google Play Store. Which one of these will be your first pick? Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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