7 Best Sam­sung Galaxy J7 Pro Cas­es and Cov­ers You Can Buy

Namrata Gogoi

Imagine a situation when you are holding your new Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and suddenly your hand jerks and it falls. The absence of Gorilla Glass and lack of good luck might land you in the service center with a shattered screen.

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That’s quite a scary situation for a new phone, isn’t it? Well, not to worry, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro can be kept out of the harm’s way with these cool yet strong cases and covers.

1. CellRize Rugged Cover

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The CellRize Rugged Cover is aimed to give maximum protection to your Galaxy J7 Pro. It comes with a dual-layer design meant to absorb impacts from accidental drops and falls. Plus, a built-in kick stand gives the necessary angle when it comes to watching movies or videos.

2. Bounceback Armor Soft Back Case

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If you prefer to have a slim fitting which also doesn’t bulk under pressure, your safest bet is the Bounceback Armor Soft Back Case. Made of high-quality material, the carbon fiber design provides a full coverage for the phone.
Also, the raised lips along the rear camera module make sure that the lens doesn’t end up with scratches and scruffs.

3. Johra Hard Case Back Cover

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The Johra Hard Case Back Cover keeps the slim profile of your Galaxy J7 Pro intact, while the smooth texture on the back helps you in gripping the phone well. What’s more, it sports precise cutouts for the charging port, headphone jack, and the buttons.

The Johra hard case cover is available in three colors — Red, Blue, and Black.

4. DigiPrints Back Case + Tempered Glass Combo

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The DigiPrint Back case comes with a built-in anti-fall balloon slot which keeps the corners protected. Plus, the textured back helps in a better grip while accentuating the design at the same time.

5. Tidel Hard Back Cover

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Cases And Covers

Another stylish yet slim cover for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is the Tidel Hard Back Cover. Available in multiple colors, the Tidel case provides protection while maintaining the slim profile and overall design of the phone. Similar to the above cover, it has precise cutouts for buttons and charging port.

6. Jkobi Matte Back Case

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One of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro are the stylized antenna lines at the rear. The Jkobi back cover accentuates this beautiful design on its rubberized matte back. Plus, it lets you have access to the buttons and ports with its precise cutouts. What’s more, the case fits snugly around the phone.

7. Avicia Silicon Clear Case

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And if you want the gold of your Galaxy J7 Pro to shine through and yet keep it out of the harm’s way, the Avicia Solicon clear case is your best option. It is flexible and made of soft TPU material and in the same time offers full protection from scratches and dents.

So, which of these will make way to your cart?

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