Google Might be Working on ‘Bisto’ Headphones with Built-in Assistant


Snippets of code found in the latest version (7.10) of Google app suggests that the company might be working on headphones, codenamed ‘Bisto’, that will come with the Google virtual assistant built-in to the device.

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Smartphone-based virtual assistants have picked up quite well and as the market expands with new entrants like Samsung’s Bixby adding to the existing list of competitors for Google, the company might be looking forward to expanding its Assistant’s capabilities to other devices.

According to 9to5Google, code snippets in the latest version of the Google app (7.10) lay out some details about the ‘Bisto’ headphones that will run Google Assistant.

The report explained how they tore down the APK of the latest version of Google app and decompiled lines of codes to get a hint of possible features.

The part of code pointing towards a possible Google Assistant powered ‘Bisto’ headphones reads:

Your headphones have the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.”

They found that the rumored ‘Bisto’ headphone will feature a dedicated physical button for Google Assistant and will be able to play notifications on audio and enable users to reply to notifications via voice.

In addition to that, the APK teardown also revealed the setup process for the headphones and listed the ability of the headphone to received OTA updates.

A part of the code read: Hear incoming notifications read aloud

The company’s smart home device, Google Home, which also features Google Assistant is now offering free domestic calls to users in USA and Canada. These free calls aren’t limited to your personal contacts, but can also be used to contact businesses across the two countries.

Google Home is being updated with the Hands-free calling feature that’ll allow you to call up a restaurant while dressing up to reserve a table or call your mum while cooking to get the recipe right.

What’s Cool About ‘Bisto’?

Virtual assistants like Google’s own, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby and more adorn our smartphones and other smart home devices.

As we move ahead, these companies are looking towards increasing the utility of their smart assistants and integrate their capabilities into more and more devices.

If the speculations about Google Assistant-powered ‘Bisto’ headphones are true then people will have another device at their disposal which might make life easier.

Imagine being able to hear notifications and replying to them without needing to take out your smartphone or just ask the Assistant a question on-the-go and get a reply within seconds.

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