Here is How to Book an Ola Cab on Google Maps app

Google has introduced another feature to facilitate its Maps app users as now apart from giving directions, showing live traffic updates and checking out nearby public transport, users will soon be able to book their Ola cab rides from within the app.

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Google and Ola Cabs have collaborated and integrated their services in a single app. Now Google Maps users will be able to book inter-city cabs using the ride option that shows up directly within the ‘Transit’ mode of the Maps app.

In addition to listing the bus and train services, ‘Transit’ mode will now house an option to find and book Ola Cabs for inter-city travel.

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“Google and Ola, have been joining forces time and again. This time around, we are bringing a unique experience for long-distance commuters – enabling access to our Outstation category on Google Maps itself. Be it first-timers or frequent business travelers, we are certain that this integration will add value for all use cases,” said Vijay Ghadge, VP of Operations at Ola.

How to Find Ola Cabs on Google Maps?

Open Google Maps and search for where you want to go. The app will show you a way to reach your destination from your current location using a bus, train, and the new Ola Cabs option.


The transit mode is ideal for comparing public transport options and learn when you need to leave to arrive at your destination on time. Users will be able to find out details like estimated trip duration, trip cost, and the availability of Ola drivers on that route.

If you wish to book a cab, tap on the Ola ride option — found in the public transport mode — which will launch the OlaCabs app. You’ll be prompted to install it if it’s not there on your device already.

Although the Ola cab finder feature in the Google Maps app is useful, it would’ve been even more so if users could book a cab directly from Google Maps — as was the case when Google and Uber collaborated in a similar way in the US.

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The feature, which is being rolled out on Tuesday, will be available in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Hyderabad, Patna, and 15 other cities with hundreds of available routes between them. The feature will be extended to other cities soon.

Slowly and steadily, Google Maps has been integrating multiple new features in its app which let’s user see not only the route information but also book reservations at the destination restaurant, as well as see other relevant information such as takeaways and other utilities in the local area.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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