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The way web browsers have evolved in the last decade is amazing. Formerly they were just a basic tool to browse the World Wide Web but now they are so much more. Chrome has revolutionized the concept of browsers and with the integration of web based apps it has turned it into a mini operating system.

I am sure there is always an app in the chrome web store to replace a corresponding windows application. There are apps for playing games, listening to music , editing photographs, taking notes, social networking and much more.


The only disadvantage to users is that Chrome does not have any built-in option to manage and organize these installed apps, and once when they grow in number it becomes tough to keep a track of them.

To make things simple, I suggest you try AppJump for Chrome to launch and organize your chrome apps in the quickest way possible.

What is AppJump for Chrome

AppJump is an extension for Google Chrome that makes it easier to organize all your web apps. With AppJump you can sort apps and extensions into categories to allow easy management. You can also display specific groups of apps in the launcher, and start them right on your browser toolbar.

Installing and configuring AppJump

Step 1: Download and install AppJump from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed you can launch it from the top right corner where all your extensions show up.

Appjump Icon

Step 2: Click on Manage Apps & Extensions to sort all your web apps.

Appjump Launcher

Step 3: Once you are on the AppJump configuration page you can sort all your apps. You can create, edit or drop categories and add apps to these categories via add to group drop down menu.

Appjump Config

Step 4: When you are finished sorting your apps just close the page. Next time you open AppJump you will see all your apps sorted in tabs. You just need to click and launch the app you want to work on.

Appjump Sorted

You can also search for your apps using the search box at the top.

Appjump Serch

Note: Do not waste your time sorting your extensions even if the AppJump offers an option for it. Currently it supports only apps and the extensions do not show up in the tool.

My Verdict

I am sure you will find this extension very useful if you’ve got tons of Chrome apps installed. Previously I used to open a new tab when ever I wanted to work on an app but using AppJump now I can launch my app from any page I am on.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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