9 Best MIUI 9 Features That You Shouldn’t Miss

When it comes to custom user interfaces on Android, there are a few names which make it to the top of the list. And one among them is the Xioami’s MIUI. The reason that makes it one of the best is the fact that it packs in a lot of features, and the latest update of MIUI 9 is no different.

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MIUI 9 comes with a lot of enhancements and features that make the user experience even better. Here, we have covered the best MIUI 9 features that make it a worthy successor.

As it’s going to be a long one, let’s jump straight in.

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1. MultiTask with Split Screen Functionality

The split screen functionality is one of the most awaited features of MIUI. Previously available in Android Nougat, this feature lets you multitask with ease. All you have to do is tap on the Recents button, tap on the Split Screen Mode icon and select your apps.

Top 9 Miui 9 Features 10
Top 9 Miui 9 Features 11

The best thing about this feature is that it’ll be supported in Android Marshmallow as well, just like a few of the Samsung smartphones (Marshmallow).

And unlike the standard Nougat feature, the MIUI 9 displays the apps which don’t support this feature.

2. Increase Productivity with Smart Assistant

Smart Assistants are the latest fad in the market with the introduction of Google Assistant and Bixby in the recent past. Xiaomi has taken to the trend and has come up with its own version of a smart assistant.

Top 9 Miui 9 Features 2
Top 9 Miui 9 Features 1

Located on the left panel of the home screen, it lets you search for apps, photos, messages, etc and includes a built-in step counter. What’s more, you can find calendar schedules, payments, notes, etc — all under a single roof.

Speaking of Calendar apps, have you tried out the SolCalendar app?

3. Search Pictures Faster with People Search

If you are familiar with Google Photos then you must know all about its smart search algorithm. Xiaomi has introduced a similar — although a scaled down — feature in MIUI 9.

Top 9 Miui 9 Features 9

All you need to do is head over to the People Search and tap on the faces. It also contains a nifty set of settings. For instance, you can merge two faces together or choose to ignore a face.

4. Lock Screen Enhancements

The MIUI 9 lock screen is similar to most of the other devices. However, it’s the second lock screen which is a new addition to the family.

Top 9 Miui 9 Features 4

Swipe right and you’ll be greeted with a page displaying the Xiaomi connected devices. Plus, there’s a handy option to turn the torch from there. So you needn’t unlock the phone and hunt it in the Quick Settings.

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5. Better Notification Management

An effective notification management system has long been overdue in Xiaomi phones. In MIUI 9 you’ll be able to see notification grouping similar to Android Nougat devices.

Top 9 Miui 9 Features 3

Also, it lets you reply to messages and texts directly from the notification shade. All you need to do is a double-finger swipe and you are all set to reply. Another nifty feature is the option to filter the notifications by just swiping left on the screen.

Another nifty feature is the option to filter the notifications by just swiping left on the screen. Once done, it’ll mark all the related messages as unimportant.

6. Quick Switch

When it comes to looks, the recent app management of MIUI 9 has undergone a significant change. For one, the space between two apps has been shaved off, giving a sleek appearance to the interface.

Although switching between recent apps have been a standard Nougat feature and Xiomi has taken it a notch above. The app switching in MIUI 9 is more fluid and smooth. All it needs is a double tap on the Recents key.

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7. Intelligent Sleep Mode

Another interesting feature is the new Sleep Mode. This smart set of setting makes use of machine learning to predict the sleep time of the user and disables radios and switches (NFC, Bluetooth, WIFi, etc) to save power.

Top 9 Miui 9 Features 9
Top 9 Miui 9 Features 10

This setting is hidden under the Battery & Performance > Manage app’s Battery usage > Scenarios.

8.  New Transition Effects

A great user interface has been a strong hold of Xiaomi devices since MIUI 8. The MIUI 9 takes the user experience even higher with new transition effects and features for the home screen.

Top 9 Miui 9 Features 6

For starters, you can easily move a handful of apps easily from one screen to another. Just pinch-in on the screen, select the apps and drop them on to a screen of your choice. A tap on the settings reveals the transition effects like the Slide, Crossfade, Cube or Tumble.

A tap on the settings reveals the transition effects like the Slide, Crossfade, Cube or Tumble.

9. Better Home Screen Management

Another interesting part is the home screen management feature. This lets you change the default home screen in a jiffy.

Top 9 Miui 9 Features 7

To start off, pinch-in on the screen, select an app which will showcase all the screens below. Just long-press on a screen and move it your choice of place. That’s about it.

That’s a Wrap!

These were some of the best 9 features of MIUI 9. Apart from the above, Xiaomi has also introduced a couple of new themes and a new experimental feature called MIUI Lab.

MIUI 9 will be released for all Xiaomi/Redmi devices except the M1/1S and Mi 2A. Since this is the China ROM, a few features might be added or removed in the Global ROMs.

So, are you excited for this update? We will be waiting to hear from you.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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