Reddit Will Now Feature Native Video Posts: 5 Things to Know


The largest community-based social news website with over 1.3 billion monthly users, Reddit, has announced that the platform will now support direct upload of videos and gifs in community pages.

The feature is currently being rolled out in beta and will enable Redditors to capture, upload and share videos to selected communities pre-approved by the company.

Kicking off their new video-hosting feature on the website, Reddit stated, “Reddit is home to more than 100,000 of the internet’s most passionate and engaged communities, and we want to give all of them the best tools to express themselves and engage in deeper conversations. That’s why we’re excited to announce the extended rollout of Reddit video beta.”

Last year, Reddit released support for native image hosting and introduced native video ads earlier this year. Now they’re expanding more by providing video hosting to its users.

“With native video, we’ve streamlined this process dramatically, allowing both content creators and commenters to focus on the conversation taking place on Reddit. No third-party uploads, new tabs, or back arrows necessary,” the company added.

5 Things to Know About Reddit Videos

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  • Redditors can record a video within the Reddit app for Android and iOS, or upload a pre-recorded video from the gallery. Users can upload a video via the desktop too.
  • Video can be a maximum of 15 minutes and in either MP4 or MOV formats.
  • Uploaded videos can also be instantly converted into gifs with the native gif converter on Reddit.
  • Users can also trim the video or a gif as desired before uploading it using an inbuilt feature on the Reddit app for mobile.
  • Redditors can also read comments and engage in conversation while watching a video on Reddit. When a user scrolls down to check out the comments, the video player switches to a mini version on the top of the website and keeps scrolling with the page.

How to Post a Video on Reddit?

Via Mobile App

  • Click on ‘Post something interesting’ at the top of your ‘Home’ feed
    • Or, on a Reddit video-enabled subreddit, click ‘Post to r/___’
  • Select ‘Image/Video’
  • Click ‘Camera’ to record a new video or ‘Library’ to select one you’ve already recorded
  • Add a title
  • Click ‘Post’ to submit

Via Desktop

  • Click ‘Submit Link’ on a Reddit video-enabled subreddit
  • Click ‘Choose File’
  • Select an MP4 or MOV video file to upload
  • Choose a thumbnail for your video
  • Add a title
  • Click ‘Submit’

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