Researchers are Sug­gest­ing a Sim­ple Way to Save Mon­ey: Ditch Your Phone


Researchers at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus) have suggested that the quickest way to save money is to put away your smartphone.

According to the research published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, touchscreen technology is a relevant factor in people indulging in guilty pleasure while shopping online and putting away the smartphone will help curb splurging.

The findings of the research indicated that people who shop on smartphones are more likely to buy luxurious products than a person who is shopping via a desktop.

“Using a touchscreen evokes consumers’ experiential thinking, which resonates with the playful nature of hedonic products. These results may well be a game-changer for sectors like the retail industry,” said Ying Zhu, assistant professor at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan campus.

Participants using touchscreen technology also scored significantly higher on experiential thinking than those using desktop computers. Those using desktops scored significantly higher on rational thinking.

“But my advice for consumers who want to save a bit of money is to put away the smartphone when you have the urge to spend on a guilty pleasure. The playful and fun nature of the touchscreen enhances consumers’ favour of hedonic products, while the logical and functional nature of a desktop endorses the consumers’ preference for utilitarian products,” Zhu added.

The research team conducted a series of experiments with University students, monitoring their thinking styles and purchase intentions when using devices like touchscreen smartphones or desktop.

The study investigated whether or not the intentions to purchase either a Hedonic ( like chocolate or massages) or Utilitarian ( like bread or printers) product changes with the change in the device being used to shop.

“With more than two billion smartphone users, the use of tactile technologies for online shopping alone is set to represent nearly half of all e-commerce by next year,” he explained.

With the advancement of internet technology, ease of logistics and trust of consumers on online purchases, the e-commerce industry has seen a boom in the last decade.

Online shopping is the new trend and the number of shoppers on the internet is only going to increase given the growing internet penetration rates globally.

(With inputs from IANS)

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