Netbalancer: Monitor And Control Your Broadband Bandwidth

Even if you are on a broadband connection with unlimited bandwidth, the speed can reduce drastically if you do things like downloading torrents and playing online games simultaneously. Now, you may not want the downloads to take half of the speed but it doesn’t work that way. Consequently, there is less bandwidth available for other web based activities.

This situation can only improve if you can monitor and control broadband bandwidth in a way that you get to choose how much bandwidth an application or a service can use.

There is a tool known as NetBalancer which helps you with that. It monitors and controls internet traffic. For various network applications you can decide transfer rate according to priority. It gives preference to application with higher priority and allows them to acquire more traffic bandwidth in comparison to application with lower priority.


By default all the network priorities are set to normal. You can change them by right clicking on any application name and selecting the appropriate priority from the menu. The available priorities are:

  • High priority
  • Normal priority
  • Low priority
  • Block traffic
  • Ignore traffic
  • Limit traffic

In this way you can reduce network priority of an application which acquires lot of bandwidth. For example you can reduce network priority of torrent client by setting it to low priority.

If high priority applications don’t utilize network then priority of network will be given to applications with low priority. For example if you set high priority to online games and you finish playing online game then the unused bandwidth of game will automatically get assigned to less priority applications such as downloading or surfing websites. Overall, no bandwidth will be wasted.


  • Browse internet smoothly while downloading large files through torrent or download manager.
  • Set upload and download network priority.
  • Supports Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7.
  • Displays all system process along with upload and download speed.
    Download Netbalancer to track and monitor internet bandwidth

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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