AI Backed by Elon Musk Beats Top Pro Dota Players


The use of artificial intelligence has been integral in the gaming industry and was propelled in the era of multiplayer games where users more often like to practice with bots before entering into battle with other human players.

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Although bot players have several levels of difficulty which makes them behave in a different manner ranging from an amateur to a tough opponent, they largely work on a pre-determined set of rules and values.

These bots are governed by an algorithm written by the game developers and do not function outside those, making them beatable howsoever tough a competition they provide.

But a startup, backed by the OpenAI, has developed an artificial intelligence which beat two of the best Dota players in the world at their own game.

The company pointed out that the bot learned the game from scratch without using imitation learning or tree search.

“This is a step towards building AI systems which accomplish well-defined goals in messy, complicated situations involving real humans,” OpenAI blog reads.

Their AI played Dendi, one of the most creative mid-lane players of DOTA, at ‘The International’ Dota 2 Championships, winning a best of three competition.

Last week, the AI had defeated SumaiL and Arteezy — the top 1v1 and top overall Dota player in the world, respectively.

Dota is a role playing strategy game which requires high levels of planning and tricks in the battlefield to defeat the enemy forces.

“Success in Dota requires players to develop intuitions about their opponents and plan accordingly. our bot has learned — entirely via self-play — to predict where other players will move, to improvise in response to unfamiliar situations, and how to influence the other player’s allied units to help it succeed,” the blog post added.

The startup’s next step is to create a team of bots who can effectively compete in 5v5 clan matches against other human teams and defeat them as they’ve done in 1v1 matches last week.

OpenAI is a non-profit research company backed by individuals like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Jessica Livingstone, Reid Hoffman, Greg Brockman, Sam Altman and companies like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Infosys and more.

OpenAI’s mission is to build safe Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and ensure that its benefits are as widely and evenly distributed as possible.

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