These Desk Management Accessories Will Declutter Your Life

Namrata Gogoi

Let’s admit it. A cluttered office desk can be embarrassing. As much as people claim that messy rooms or desks help creativity, but at the end of the day, clutter is procrastination.

Top 7 Desktop Management Accessories Under $20

If decluttering your workspace is your new sense of purpose, these cool office desk management accessories under $20 will aid in your pursuit of an uncluttered desk.

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1. Cable Management Box for Power Strips

Top 7 Desktop Management Accessories Under $20

If your desk is a big mess of wires, the Qicent cord organizer box for power strips and adapters will do the trick of keeping everything boxed up. It’s made from premium high-quality material and is dust-proof. The box is 18-inches long and comes with well-designed slits to let the cables in and out.

You can also check out the NtonPower Cable Management Box.

2. Monitor Stand And Desk Organizer

Top 7 Desktop Management Accessories Under $20

Next on our list is a unique monitor stand from Mind Reader. This neat accessory, priced at $ 15.59, can easily save desk space by doubling up both as a monitor stand and the drawer. The compartments inside the drawer can house anything from your pens to slim notebooks so that everything you need is within your hand’s reach.

3. Laptop Lap Desk

Top 7 Desktop Management Accessories Under $20

If you work on your laptop for long hours, the laptop lap desk is your best bet. It’s a fleece covered cushion which contours to your lap and is bundled with a removable LED gooseneck desk light, drink holder and a pen slot. Plus, the lap desk is light weight which makes it great to carry it around.

4. Rubbermaid Desk Drawer

Top 7 Desktop Management Accessories Under $20

If you are not too keen on a desk organizer posing as a monitor stand, you can check out the Rubbermaid desk drawer. Retailing at only $6.79, this nifty tray is meant to hold your stationeries and every other knick-knack.

5. Rolodex Letter Collector

Top 7 Desktop Management Accessories Under $20

As much as we are living in the digital era, most of us still write down ideas and posts on paper before putting it out in any digital medium. If this drill sounds familiar, then the Rolodex Letter collector will help you in keeping your ideas in one place.

Priced at $12.74, this wood-finished holder can hold quite a few A4-sized letters and folders.

6. Officemate Multi-Tiered Letter Tray

Top 7 Desktop Management Accessories Under $20

A notch above the letter collector is the Officemate multi-tiered letter tray. It comes with 6 tier designed to hold folders and letters. Plus its ribbed base prevent the paper from getting stuck to it.

7. Mindspace Office Desk Organizer

Top 7 Desktop Management Accessories Under $20

The Mindspace Desk Organizer doubles up as a stand for both stationeries and note pads. This leightweight organizer houses 6 compartments of different sizes an shapes and also includes a few handy drawers.

Parting Thoughts

While you may not need all of these to declutter your office desk, but a couple of these solutions can improve your office desk. If you have any suggestions, do leave a comment or two below.

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