Microsoft is Modifying Windows 10 Due to Kaspersky’s Demands


Late last year Kaspersky filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft with Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and more recently with the European Commission and German Federal Cartel Office. Why? Because Kaspersky Lab believed Microsoft was promoting its own anti virus over competitors in the market.

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Kaspersky had moved to file the antitrust complaint as it believed that Microsoft was trying to establish Windows 10 Defender’s monopoly over their OS by giving it right over a third party antivirus.

Researchers at Kaspersky argued that this will not only hamper the market but will also make it easier for an attacker who will need to surpass the same security system on all PCs.

But now Kaspersky has withdrawn their antitrust complain after Microsoft made certain changes to Windows 10 which will ensure that ‘both partnerships and diversity are preserved on the market for both user and industry benefit’.

Cyber security in the world of fast growing internet population is paramount and major anti virus companies, as well as operating systems, should be working in collaboration to avert dangers to the users.

“These changes will include Microsoft providing cyber security developers more time to prepare for upcoming Windows updates as well as receive the final Windows builds earlier,” said Andrei Mochola, VP of Consumer Products, Kaspersky Lab.

Another complaint that Kaspersky had was that renewal and update notifications from third-party antivirus software were amiss in the Windows but Microsoft has now rectified this issue too.

“This action will allow vendors to test every aspect of their security solutions’ behaviour in the new version of the operating system, prior to its release, to ensure excellent compatibility. The more your security solution is compatible with your operating system, the less it affects performance and stability,” Mochola added.

The toast notification has also been replaced with persistent notifications. This means that users will be badgered with a notification until they take the respective action — renew or replace the security solution.

“Our top priority is and always will be to protect our customers with security innovations for the Windows platform, increase our customers’ pre- and post-breach security stance, and provide a platform that offers choice,” said Rob Lefferts, Partner Director, Windows Enterprise and Security.

All of these changes are aimed at providing a better and more secure environment on the internet. This is even more important given the growing number of malware attacks globally.

“We work closely with AV partners like Kaspersky Lab, and at our Microsoft Virus Initiative forum last month, we made great progress in building upon our shared understanding of how we deliver Windows 10 updates and security experiences that help ensure the ongoing safety of Windows customers,” Lefferts added.

Kaspersky Labs has confirmed that these changes that are being implemented are good enough for them to withdraw their antitrust claims against Microsoft and inform all the concerned authorities regarding the same.

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