Face­book Uses AI to Tack­le Cloak­ing in Anoth­er Move to Fight Misinformation


Extending their fight against fake news and misinformation spread by malicious actors on the social media platform, Facebook has announced that they’ll be taking care of the growing menace of cloaking and will take the help of their artificial intelligence in their endeavours.

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Cloaking is a technique used by offenders to surpass Facebook’s review system, which would otherwise flag an offensive/abusive/extremist link.

Using this technique the poster redirects the Facebook reviewer to a different link which follows Facebook’s policies and guidelines but when the users click on it, they’re sent to a malicious link. For eg. weight loss articles or pornography.

Facebook is taking a step to curb Cloaking in order to ensure that people see what they expect to see after clicking on a post link or advertisement and not something completely out of context.

“We see cloaking as deliberate and deceptive, and will not tolerate it on Facebook. Since cloaking exists across many of today’s digital platforms, we will also be collaborating closely with other companies in the industry to find new ways to combat it and punish bad actors,” Facebook stated.


The company also pointed out that those advertisers and pages found violating the Facebook guidelines will be banned from the platform.

Alongside its human reviewers, Facebook is utilising its artificial intelligence to identify, capture, and verify cloaking.

“We can now better observe differences in thetype of content served to people using our apps compared to our own internal systems. In the past few months these new steps have resulted in us taking down thousands of these offenders and disrupting their economic incentives for misleading people,” the company added.

The new method of tackling cloaking will only affect pages that are using this technique to mislead its audience — resulting in a ban — but other pages will remain unharmed.

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