YouTube Gives More Pow­er to Cre­ators to Earn Money


YouTube has been evolving as a community that is well-suited for creators and has given a steep rise to the number of independent content creators worldwide — thanks to the advertising revenues. And now the company is giving more power to content creators who can now contest an advertising ban.

Youtube Alter

YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which was started in 2007 has strict content guidelines relating to monetization of a video. Creators can not monetize videos which contain explicit or hateful content and have to have 10,000 views on the channel to start earning money.

After the changes to its guidelines, several videos on YouTube weren’t available for all advertisers which meant a loss of revenue as a limited number of ads were shown on those videos.

But now, creators can appeal and contest via the Video Manager if they feel that their video has been unjustly flagged for advertisers.

“As a part of these recent changes, however, some videos were classified as not suitable for all advertisers, limiting the number of ads served on those videos,” YouTube stated.

As soon as the feature is available in the Creators Studio, all the YouTubers will be notified.

The update will not change your revenues directly but will give you access to more information pertaining to how your video is being monetized — fully, partially or not at all — and will also provide creators with a chance to appeal if via the Video Manager.

“We plan to roll out new icons that will give you a more detailed understanding of how each and every video on your channel (or channels) is monetizing as well as the ability to appeal if you think a video is misclassified. We want our systems to get better and better – and every appeal helps,” the company added.

Ic Full Monetization

If your video comes with the green ‘$’ icon on the left, then all of the advertisements on YouTube will be served on the video.

If it comes with the yellow ‘$’ icon in the middle, then the video is either partially monetized and will show limited or no ads. The video is classified as not suitable for all advertisers. The video might also be fully demonetized if it doesn’t meet YouTube’s advertising guidelines.

If the video comes with the black ‘$’ icon on the right, then the video will receive no revenue from ads. This could be due to a copyright strike, content ID claim or community guidelines strike.

Revenue report will be available to all content creators via YouTube Analytics.

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