Cisco Erases Customer Data Due to an ‘Erroneous Policy’


San Jose-based Cisco Systems has announced that certain data has been deleted due to a configuration change by their engineering team that applied an erroneous policy to their North American object storage service.

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As a result customer data uploaded prior to 11:20 AM Pacific time on August 3 has been deleted from the servers of the company.

“The issue has since been remediated and is no longer occurring. In the majority of cases, this issue will not impact network operations but will be an inconvenience as some of your data may have been lost,” the company stated.

According to Cisco, in most of the cases the network configuration data has not been lost or impacted and only user data is affected.

While this might not be a big hassle as most of the reported data loss includes voicemail greetings which can be re-recorded, hold-music which can be restored and custom logos which can be uploaded again.

“Our engineering team is working over the weekend to investigate what data we can recover, as well as what tools we can build to help our customers specifically identify what has been lost from their organization,” Cisco added.

But in any case, Meraki’s USP was its supporting cloud service which diminishes the leg work of performing tedious tasks to run networks and voice systems.

“We recommend waiting until we make these tools available prior to restoring files as we will be trying to design our tools to help our customers save time,” the company concluded.

Cisco will update their systems later today and will communicate to its users ‘current status of what resources will be made available to help restore functionality.’

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