Google is Crack­ing Down on Poor Android Apps, Finally!


Google’s Android operating system is widely used in the world, accounting for a sizeable majority of mobile phone users and to enhance the quality of in Google Play, the company has announced that they’ll downrank apps which provide a bad users experience.

Google has been trying to enhance the user experience on the Play Store with additional security features to protect users against malware-ridden apps as well as make it easier for them to find the best apps in the revamped ‘Editor’s Choice’ section.

Although the rating system has been in place for years, it’s only now that Google has begun the crackdown on apps that are performing badly and don’t offer much of a user experience, so to say.

“As part of our continued effort to deliver the best possible Google Play experience, we recently enhanced our search and discovery algorithms to reflect app quality. This results in higher quality apps being surfaced in the Play Store more than similar apps of lower quality,” Google stated.

Google will make use of parameters like ‘performance data, user engagement and ratings’ to create ‘quality signals’ for apps which will affect their ranking on category app listings as well as search.

“Google Play strives to help people find and discover safe, high quality, useful, and relevant apps. By focusing on the quality and performance of your app, you’ll find more success on Google Play,” the company added.

Google pointed out that the major cause for apps to receive a lower rating is performance issues resulting in crashes and affecting the stability of other app components.

Developers can use the Play Console to find and fix the issues with their apps. User ratings and reviews should also be paid heed to as they greatly affect the ranking of apps on the Google Play Store.

Android is already infamous for holding poor quality apps, especially when compared to those available on iOS and now Google seems to be ready to take up the fight against developers who aren’t ready to provide a good user experience.

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