7 Cool Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Tips and Tricks That You Should Not Miss

Namrata Gogoi

The first generation Xiaomi Mi Max had redefined the meaning of large screen smartphones in India. Following the wake of its immense success, the Mi Max 2 was available for retail last month. At just Rs. 17,999, you get a premium metal body with a great battery life.

But as is the case with any smartphone, the Mi Max 2 experience can be further enhanced with a few nifty tips and tricks.

So today, we will check out the top 5 tip and tricks of the Mi Max 2 that you should not miss out on.

1. Customize the Contrast & Colors

The Mi Max 2 packs in a big display with colors which are rich and vibrant. However, if you are not content with the default contrast levels of the Mi Max 2, you can have it tailored to your taste.

All it needs is a tweak in the Contrastsettings. It comes packed with three levels — Automatic contrast, Increased contrast (which is much sharper) and Standard. In the standard option, the contrast levels will remain the same throughout whereas, in the automatic contrast settings, the levels change as per the light.

While you are at it, you can change the color settings from the available three settings — warm, standard or cool.

2. Utilize the Quick Ball Menu

Given the screen size of 6.44-inches, accessing apps and settings with a single hand is a bit troublesome in the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Worry not, you have a handy assistant in the form of Quick Ball, akin to the Samsung Edge in the Galaxy S8.


The quick ball, hidden under the Additional Settings makes work a breeze by bringing many handy shortcuts to the screen’s edge (the preferable position). Currently, it has five sets of settings which you can select and customize as per your need.

3. Tweak the Notification Panel

Because not everyone thinks alike. If you aren’t pleased with the standard notification panel of the Mi Max 2 you can switch its layout. The current version of MIUI gives you two separate options — Combined and Separate.


As you might have guessed, the Separate option splits up the notification panel and quick settings menu, this giving you ample space to view both the settings page and notifications.

Speaking of Quick Settings menu, here a cool trick to customize the Android Quick Settings Menu

4. Disable Notification Icons

The Mi Max 2 has a nifty feature to keep the status bar neat and clean by disabling the notification icons. All you have to do is go to Settings > Notification & Status Bar and toggle it off.


What’ more, you can change the style of the battery percentage indicator. Currently, it offers three distinct styles — Graphical, Percentage and Top Bar.

5. Choose the Right One Handed Mode

Watching videos and movies on the 6.44-inch screen is be a bliss on the Mi Max 2. However, working on can be a tad difficult on it if the other hand is occupied. Thankfully, the Mi Max 2 comes with nifty options for the one-handed mode.

You can choose to select from the available configurations of  4.5-inches, 4-inches, and 3.5-inches. Once done, a tap on the black area will revert it back to its original size.

The one-handed mode can be activated by swiping from the home button to the back button.

6. Switch to Reading Mode

Courtesy the big screen (again) and the clear display, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 can easily double up as an E-Reader. Knowing the harm that a blue screen can have, the best strategy would be to switch on the reading mode.

Though the Mi Max’2 reading mode, isn’t as optimized as the OnePlus 5, still it can help to check the onset of headaches and blurry visions. All you need to do is schedule the reading mode to turn on when you launch your favorite E-Reader app. Simple.

7. Mono Audio Playback

The Mi Max 2 comes packed with Android Nougat. Though it is yet to receive MIUI 9, a few features like the mono audio mode have already made its way to it. This mode channels both the right and left audio channels to play parallelly in both the ear buds. Talk about listening songs in all its glory.


Moreover, as a customization option, you can also assign buttons to your headphone’s button through the Audio Settings.

Is it on Your Wish-List yet?

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 packs in all the qualities that a budget multimedia-focused device should carry. Features like Gorilla Glass 3 protection and a decent camera are the cherry on top. So, is it on your wishlist yet?

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