RED Hydro­gen One Smart­phone is Huge: Pro­to­type Revealed


Last month, Camera-maker Red had teased its upcoming Hydrogen One smartphone device and now they’ve revealed some additional information about the device via Marques Brownlee, well-known tech YouTuber.

YouTube: Marques Brownlee

Red showed Brownlee a few prototypes of the upcoming Hydrogen One device with a 5.7-inch holographic display. The device looks huge and comparing it to the to the other device, Marques said it looked like a ‘Moto Mods on steroids’.

The video doesn’t really go into the specifications but the company showed three prototypes in the video. One represents the design of what might be the final device, one shows the holographic design and the third one comes with a camera mod attached to the back.

This doesn’t give out much but pretty much gives an idea of what the device might look like.

The Red Hydrogen One is no doubt huge. It’s bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus — as pointed out in the video — and considering that the camera maker wanted to pack a phone with unprecedented holographic tech as well as a modular camera, it had to be big.

The image shared during the earlier announcement didn’t show the camera lens clearly, but now it’s quite clear from the first prototype that the Hydrogen One sports a dual-lens camera.

Youtube: Marques Brownlee

Other than that, there are stereo speakers on the front, the power button of the device doubles up as a fingerprint reader, and yes there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack — as seen on the earlier image.

The second prototype was blurred in the video which showcased the holographic display. But going by what Brownlee explains, the tech is still under development with a lot more to do.

The 4D display of the device can be turned off and it can be used in the regular 2D mode too. The third prototype showed a huge modular camera unit at the back of the Hydrogen One.

RED is teasing the $1200 device and seems to be in no hurry of revealing all of its secrets. As Marques Brownlee mentioned at the end, we’ll need to wait for another month or two to get more details on the Hydrogen One.

RED founder Jim Jannard said last month “there is no good way to describe it until you see it”. So, I guess waiting will bear more fruit.

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