6 Feature Updates Windows 10 Receives in Insider Preview Build 16257


Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16257 and Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 15237 to Insiders in the Fast ring which includes new features like Eye Control, improvements on tools existing tools, and bug fixes.

The update is currently rolled out the beta users and other users can expect these feature to land up on their Windows 10 PC soon.

The update brings improvements to Microsoft Edge, console colour improvements, input improvements, improvements to Windows Defender Application Guard, support for 3D in Office apps on Mobile and more general fixes.

Eye Control

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Eye Control feature for Windows 10 which would help people operate the onscreen mouse, keyboard and text-to-speech features using just their eyes and now they’ve released the feature in their Insider Preview.

To be able to use the feature, a compatible eye tracker is required. The company mentioned that the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C is currently compatible and in the coming days the following devices would be supported too: Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini, PCEyePlus, EyeMobile Plus, and I-series.

After turning on the Eye Control feature, a launch pad will appear on the screen which allows users to access mouse, keyboard and text-to-speech.

To interact with the Launchpad, all you need to do is look at it until a circle cursor appears on the screen, which means that the Eye Control is active.

Eye Control Mouse: To select it, look at the mouse icon on the launch pad. Once selected, the cursor will move where you look at the screen. After the cursor has been positioned at the desired location, you can select which option to choose from among the following: ‘left click, double left click, right click, or cancel’.

Eye Control Keyboard: To select it, look at the keyboard icon on the launch pad. Once selected, a keyboard will appear and all you need to do is position your eyes at the alphabets you wish to type one by one.

Eye Control Shape-Writing: An optional feature of the Eye Control keyboard which can be turned on from the keyboard settings via ‘Fn’ key. Using this feature, users can type quicker by looking at the first and last character of the word and gazing across the alphabets on the keyboard in between them.

This will enable the machine to predict the word and if incorrect, you can choose from the other predicted options.

Eye Control Text-to-Speech: Users can communicate with family and friends in-person by using this feature by selecting the chatbox icon from the launchpad. This will enable users to type their message using the keyboard which will then be read aloud by the PC. The voice can be changed from the Settings.

Microsoft aims to empower people with disabilities, helping them operate the Windows 10 PC with just their eyes and the current test update is meant to improve the final product experience. Currently, the Eye Control feature only supports US English keyboard layout.

Microsoft Edge improvements

The company has refreshed the look of the browser, giving it a more modern feel. The button animations have been made more responsive too.

The design of the address bar has also been improved, making it easier to quickly edit parts of the URL. The issue with copying an image to the clipboard in Edge has also been resolved.

New tabs opened from links in existing tabs will now appear on the right rather than on the left.

Console Colour Improvements

Windows console is getting its first major overhaul in two decades as the company has updated the support for more colours to improve legibility of darker colours on new screens.

Alongside the development of Windows Creators Update, Windows console was updated to support the full 24-bit RGB colour.

“The legacy default scheme was not built for modern displays and does not render as well on newer high-contrast LCD displays. This is particularly apparent with deeply saturated darker colours like blue,” the company stated.

“The new default colours will modernize the look of the Windows Console and make it more congruent with other terminal experiences, such as the integrated terminal in VSCode,” the company added.

Input improvements

The launching of the touch keyboard from the task bar on a touch-based device has been improved as it’s now quicker.

An issue where using WIN+H to dictate into a UWP app’s text field wasn’t working has been fixed too.

The issue where the Japanese IME prediction candidates shifted position and overlapped with the text on the screen when the page zoom level is set to anything other than 100 percent, has been fixed too. The design of the Japanese touch keyboard has been revamped too

Windows Defender Application Guard improvements

Fixed issues with the launcher of the Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) where it was giving errors and/or was displaying only part of the application after the launch.

Issues impacting networking inside the WDAG container and a poor user experience when connecting to the WDAG container has been resolved too.

Background preparation of the WDAG container has been optimised to improve its launch time.

Support for 3D in Office Apps (Mobile Preview Build)

Microsoft has released the support of 3D objects in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Any Windows Insider who is also an Office Insider will be able to insert a 3D object from their PC or the Remix 3D catalog,  change its perspective and use transitions — helping in easier animations throughout your projects.

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