Mozil­la Launch­es Free Encrypt­ed Online File Shar­ing Tool, Ensures Privacy


Mozilla has been working towards the preservation of privacy online and they’ve launched another web-based tool called Firefox Send which allows a person to send up to 1GB of file online and the best part is it’s encrypted.

The Firefox Send tool ensures privacy as the link to the file expires after either 24 hours or after a person opens it. According to the company, ‘all sent files will be automatically deleted from the Send server’.

Although they’ve seen a steep dip in popularity, especially among desktop users, Mozilla has been making amends to the core structure of its browser, so much so that they recently claimed that the new Firefox browser is quicker than Google’s Chrome.

Firefox Send is free to use and can be used on any browser.

Although this tool is in the testing phase, it took only a few seconds to encrypt a file and make the link available for a 2.4MB file.

the person I sent it was able to download it easily, the file decrypted and the link expired right after that. The other person I send it to was told the ‘The link has expired or never existed in the first place’.

Since the tool is still in the beta phase you should be careful about the files you choose to send — they might just be prone to hacking attacks.

Mozilla has also launched voice search and a note taking tool alongside Firefox Send.

Voice Fill lets you search any search engine in the Firefox browser using your voice and the Notes tool will help you take notes while surfing the web. Mozilla has made several improvements on its Firefox browser too.

Earlier, Firefox browser used a single process to run all tabs in a browser. Multiple processes make the browsing smoother and increases efficiency.

Multiple content processes are aimed towards providing a better browsing and multi-tasking experience to users, especially those with less memory on their PCs, by striking the ‘right balance between speed and memory usage’.

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