Chi­nese Smart­phones Account for 48 Per­cent of Total Phones in the Mar­ket Globally


With the growth of the Android ecosystem, a lot of major smartphone brands have emerged in China and now are making waves worldwide as all the Chinese brands combined hold 48 percent of the total smartphone market share.

Chinese Smartphones

With a 3 percent year-on-year rise in the number of smartphone shipments globally, Chinese OEMs — who are already dominating the market share in their home country as Apple has been knocked out of the race — are looking to expand outside the country as well.

Most of these players used offline marketing to gain more sales and in countries like India, are focussing on tier-2 and tier-3 cities where online sales are slow.

According to a study by CounterPoint Research, ‘these brands will continue to expand their reach beyond China during the second half of this year’ which will potentially lead the Chinese companies combined to lead the market share charts.

“Brands are striving hard for new forms of hardware differentiation including bezel-free, alternative aspect ration and dual screen smartphones. Currently, such hardware differentiation is happening at the flagship level but we can expect such design changes to percolate to lower price bands in time,” the research stated.

The study also found out that China, India and South East Asia are still the main markets for these growing Chinese smartphone brands with at least one brand holding a top-three spot in these countries. Africa has also figured in the expansion plans of these companies.

Chinese Smartphones2

Xiaomi has emerged as the fastest growing brand with 60 percent growth year on year, surpassing Vivo with 45 percent and Oppo with 33 percent year-on-year growth. India the strongest market for the company after China.

The main competitor of these Chinese brands, apart from Apple, seems to be Samsung, which holds a 22 percent market share.

With the increasing affordability of smartphones and the tech used in them, a lot of new players are entering the market every day.

This hasn’t really made the market crowded, rather has presented a lot of option for mobile phone users who now aren’t limited to a few premium brands, offering devices at premium prices.

The growth of Chinese smartphone brands can also be attributed to the fact that they provide better hardware features than their competitors at the same or even lower price.

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