This Tiny Cap­sule Can Store Up to 330TB of Data


Sony and IBM Research have developed a magnetic tape storage technology with the highest capacity of recording in areal density at 201GB data per square inch which is almost 20 times more data than conventional tapes which store 9.6GB data per square inch.


When these tapes are combined in a capsule or cartridge, they can store approximately 330TB of data whereas the same cartridge with the existing technology will provide a storage of 15TB.

The announcement of this new storage tech was made by Sony and IBM Research, Zurich, on  Wednesday, August 2, 2017, at The 28th Magnetic Recording Conference (TMRC 2017) at the Tsukuba International Conference Center in Tsukuba, Japan.

“This achievement was made possible by bringing together Sony’s new magnetic tape technology employing lubricant with IBM Research – Zurich’s newly developed write/read heads, advanced servo control technologies and innovative signal-processing algorithms,” Sony Corporation stated.

Magnetic tapes started being used as a mode of storage almost 60 years ago with IBM’s first such tape storing just 2MB of data and this 330TB capsule made from a prototype sputtered magnetic tape developed by Sony is the fifth time IBM has defied the storage gods.

“Magnetic tape shows great potential as a storage media thanks to its various strengths, including its capacity for storing data over long periods of time, low power consumption, low cost, and space saving capabilities,” Sony added.

“Foremost, this really demonstrates the potential to keep scaling tape technology,” said Dr Mark Lantz, Exporatory Tape Scientist, IBM Research.


Although cloud-based storage systems are gaining popularity because of their added convenience of access anywhere across the internet, a lot many people, especially organisations which fiddle with data, like to keep a physical backup.

This new tape with a nano-grained magnetic layer will help such organisations save space while storing more.

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