10 Best New Android Games for August 2017

We really can’t get enough of games, can we? This is one of the primary reasons that the Google Play Store sees a wave of games — both big and small – every month. But then, one really can’t be expected to go through each of these games. As per the ritual every month, here we are, yet again, with the list of best new Android games for August.

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As it’s going to be a long one, let’s jump right in.

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1. Crusaders of Light

New Android Games August 9

Crusaders of Light is a hack and slash World of Warcraft-style MMORPG game. As a player, you have to save your land from the grip of the demon lord. This game comes with three modes — Rangers, Warrior or Mystic Classes.

There are classic dungeon raids in the game which can support up to 40 players. Similar to most of the MMORPG games, it also comes with an integrated voice system which can be used for chatting.

Crusaders of Light is laden with great graphics and has its share of a vibrant fantasy world, plus a slew of customization options in terms of weapons, armor, clothes, etc.

2. Run & Gun: BANDITOS

New Android Games August 10

One can say that Run & Gun is Subway Surfers seen from the cop’s perspective, with a few twist thrown in. For starters, not only do you need to chase your cart full of gold but you also have to collect coins and shoot the bad goons on the way.

As you progress through the game, you get to choose among various bandits and upgrade your characters with a couple of new boosts.

3. Hero Kid – Ben Alien Ultimate Power Surge

New Android Games August 6

Join Ben Ten in his adventure mission to take down the evil Dr. Psychobos. As Hero Kid, zipp through the dozens of different power-ups to be unleashed on the doctor and his team of flying bad guys. The gameplay is interesting and is a perfect time killer if you are looking for one. And hey, don’t look out for the flying missiles.

4. Cosmo Race

New Android Games August 1

Cosmo Race follows the life of 6 cosmonauts who are forever looking for an opportunity to outdo each other. As a player, you’d need to make your cosmonaut jump and roll to reach the checkpoints on time.

No game is without its share of obstructions and here too the player will have dodge roadblocks in the form of falling ice blocks and free falls. At the end of the day, the cosmonaut has to become the ultimate racing champion in the whole cosmos.

5. Comix Zone

New Android Games August 2

Comix Zone follows the life of Sketch Turner, a street-wise comic artist who is trapped in the comic world of his own creation. This is a classic arcade style game from SEGA and here you’ll have to survive the dead ship and lava mines. to defeat the super-villain, Mortus. The game controls are easy and uncomplicated and in no time you’ll find yourself falling in love with this game.

The game controls are easy and uncomplicated and in no time you’ll find yourself falling in love with this game.

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6. Fling Fighters

New Android Games August 3

Fling Fighter is the rendition of combat games with a slight twist. Instead of landing punches on each other’s face, you’ll have to aim and fling hammers at your opponent. And in the midst of all these, miniature steel cages, huge baskets of ammunition and high voltage traps make their appearances to derail you from winning this ultimate championship.

7. Bouncy Hoops

New Android Games August 4

If you have time to kill, the right game to do so would be the Bouncy Hoops game. As suggestive of its name, it’s a basketball game where you have to aim for the hoop in the short span of time given. All you have to is touch the screen to bounce the ball and aim for the hoop.

8. Turretz

New Android Games August 5

Remember Agar.io, the multiplayer game that took the world by a storm a few years back? Well, you can say that Turretz is a rendition of it, but instead of a cell system, you’ll find yourself in space surrounded by intergalactic space ships. This is a classic arcade and your objectives are simple — save yourself and destroy enemy ships.

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9. Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter 3D

New Android Games August 7

Best Sniper sees the unification of two enemies — dinosaurs and zombies. Prepare to sharpen your focus in this ultimate sniper game where you have to shoot and hunt these enemies in the post apocalyptic wasteland. As is the drill with most of the shooting games, this one too comes with a bevy of upgradable weapons which can be utilized in a number of challenges and missions.

10. The Cheetah

New Android Games August 11

Join this popular online simulation game as you land in the jungles posing as a Cheetah while you develop skills to become the fastest animals in the savannah.

If hunting and preying isn’t really your thing, you can ally with your partners to wage war on the enemy Cheetahs, similar to most of the RPG games.

That’s a Wrap!

So, there are some of the new games that have already taken the Play Store by storm. Which of these will you play? If you ask me, I am quite fascinated by Hero Kid and Run & Gun. Chasing bad guys can never go old, right?

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