Facebook Changes the Way Video Re-sharers See Insights


Since its launch, Facebook videos has seen an immense growth as a feature on the social networking platform, making it easier for creators to share content with the huge audience available there and now they’ve rolled out updates to how re-sharers and creators view video insights.

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Re-sharing of videos is one of the best ways for creators to reach a wider audience, but creators have been increasingly concerned about re-sharers being able to view the insights on the video as much as them and this has led Facebook to change how re-sharers of a video view insights.

“We heard that creators want more information about which Pages are re-sharing their videos. In addition, creators put a lot of work and investment into the videos they create and share on Facebook, and they would prefer if re-sharers didn’t have access to certain metrics about their videos,” the company stated.

What’s Changing for Re-sharers?

  • Retention graph, average watch time, 30 Seconds Views and detailed breakdown of views (autoplay/click to play, unique/repeat) will no longer be available to re-sharers. These insights will be limited to the creators.
  • Minutes viewed, 10 Seconds Views and sound metrics will also be removed.
  • Page owners who re-share will be able to view the aggregated information about the demographics and general location of the audience.
  • They will also be able to see a graph of daily views of the re-shared video and paid and organic activity.

“At the same time, we know that people who re-share videos want to understand how much engagement they’re getting. To make sure we’re meeting the needs of both creators and those who re-share content, we’re redesigning insights for re-shares,” the company added.

What’s Changing for Creators?

  • Creators will get to know which pages are sharing their video and also get additional insights on the shared videos.
  • Two bug fixes relating to Video Average Watch Time and displaying a zero value in video insights to the re-sharers have been fixed.
  • Re-sharers will no longer be able to view the above-mentioned insights now onwards.

“The metrics and insights we provide to creators and re-sharers are a key part of informing areas of posting strategy and content creation. We are committed to continually improving the functionality, reliability, and accuracy of our systems,” Facebook concluded.

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