Top 7 Casu­al Android Games That You Must Try Today

Namrata Gogoi

Games in the Android Play Store have evolved a lot from what it used to be a few years ago. Now games are not only more powerful but also highly detailed and graphics laden. As much as we love playing these games, at times we just need some casual games to kill commute time or take mind off things.

Top 7 Casual Android Games That You Must Try Today

We have put together a list of the top 7 casual games for Android. The best thing about these games is wthat you can just pick up and play. So, let’s give them a look.

1. Not Not – A Brain-Buster

If you feel that your brain has started to slow down a bit, try the Not Not game for Android. It’s a relatively simple game which focuses on your reflexes and logical thinking.

Players score points by following the instructions quickly in an ultra short span of time. Plus, the simple gameplay will easily kill your time.

2. Fury Turn

Fury Turn is a turn based game about ninjas who have to save scientists from a biological catastrophe. Easy as it may sound, players need to come up with instant solution whenever the little ninja is faced with obstruction, which is very often.

Rated 4.7 in the Play Store, it has its share of fun, puzzles, and excitement all at the same time.

Speaking of puzzles, here are a couple of addictive puzzle games for Android.

3. Zink Colors

Next on our list is Zink Colors, which is bound to take your love for puzzles and challenges to the next level. The thumb rule of the game is simple — put the drops in their respective drop zone.

The catch? You have to guide the drops such that they reach the destinations at the same time. You’ll have to live through the drops changing color, being stuck in their places and much more as you try to shoo them to their drop zones.

4. Twist

If you are on a lookout for a fun and frustrating challenge at the same time then try Twist from Ketchapp. Here too, the gameplay is not much different from the other Ketchapp games.

The player gets a series of platforms arranged in a circular style and a tiny ball and nothing beyond that. The fast gameplay is meant to give a quick jolt to your reflexes as you guide the ball to land on the platforms. Ketchapp games, I tell you!

5. Catch the Bus

If Mario was born in present-day London the result would have been Catch the Bus. Join the pursuit of the new-age Mario as he makes his way to the bus while avoiding manholes, cafe tables, phone booths, hipsters, etc on his way

The game has two modes — story mode and endless mode. This game is meant to kill your time and you will definitely enjoy the journey.

6. Fluffy Jump

Fluffy Jump is about how much and how far you can jump. An absolute time-killer, this wonderful game has over 80 different fluffy animals to unlock.

There’s a lot to be achieved as you hop higher including collecting coins and eggs, hatching eggs, special powers and of course, usurping the old record holders. Go jump!

7. Atomas

The boring atoms from Chemistry class get a lift with Atomas. Atomas involves atomic fusion to give rise to rare elements like Gold and Silver. All you have to do is to strategically merge the atoms to give you these rare elements.

It’s a simple yet addictive game with around 120+ atoms to make. Plus, it also comes with 4 different game modes to test your science skills.

Game Away, Folks!

The weekend is almost upon us and don’t let it go in vain instead bask in these simple and easy-to-play games. These are our top picks for casual games in Android. What’s yours?

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