Fake IDs on Social Media are Spurring Crime: NATC


The National Anti-Trafficking Committee (NATC) of India launched a new mobile app and a toll-free number for trafficking-related grievances. The NATC also raised concerns over the misuse of social media which is also contributing to the rise in trafficking cases.

The mobile app, which goes by the name of ‘NATC‘ on the Android Play Store, developed by ‘National Anti-Trafficking Committee’, provides a simple interface for people to send a message to the NATC.

Using this interface, people can draft a message including the details of a suspected perpetrator anonymously.

“The main area of concern in social media-trafficking nexus is fake IDs. Unsuspecting adolescent girls are being lured by these people through fake IDs. There are propositions regarding job etc.,” S.K. Jinnar Ali, Chairman of National Committee, National Anti-Trafficking Committee, told the media here on the sidelines of the Sukriti Samman 2017.

He said alerts regarding fake IDs can be registered through the app.

“In the last three months, 125 fake IDs were detected in our trafficking-related complaints. In West Bengal, as many as 42 per cent of trafficking can be attributed to fake IDs, 55 per cent all across India,” he claimed.

Human trafficking in India, as well as globally, is a big malice and has been on the rise since forever. Social media has given added avenues for perpetrators to find a victim and lure them into a trap.

While human trafficking in India was most rampant in rural areas, especially in those bordering neighbouring countries, there have been reported trafficking cases where the perpetrator lures a victim on social media, in the guise of a fake person and leads them into a trafficking trap.

Launching this pint-sized app at 1.41MB download size is a welcome initiative as it gives everyone with a smartphone the power to report a potential suspect or crime to the authorities.

(With inputs from IANS)

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