WhatsApp Gets These 3 New Launcher App Shortcuts


WhatsApp has released another update for its beta testers which includes 3 new launcher app shortcut options which will enable users to perform tasks directly from the home screen of the device.

Icon options’ is specific to Nova Launcher

These features won’t be available on stock Android launchers but users will get this option if they’re running a third party launcher app like Nova launcher.

Using the three new options, users can do the following three tasks:

  • Open the WhatsApp camera
  • Open Starred messages
  • Initiate a new chat

All these three options can be separately pinned to the home screen as an independent shortcut by dragging them out of the drop-down menu of the WhatsApp icon.

Since this feature is currently in the beta testing phase, the same features might not make it to the public release, and we hope that they don’t since most of these options are redundant.

It’s not every day that a user initiates a new conversation. On the contrary, users tend to stick to the same set of people that they chat to on a daily basis. Starred messages are another feature which is rarely accessed by users.

WhatsApp has got new tricks | dennizn / Shutterstock.com

The camera option redirects users to click a picture for either your WhatsApp Status or to send to a contact.

This option can also be seen as a way for the company to promote its Status feature — one of the most underappreciated and criticised features, especially since it took away the old text status when it first arrived in an update.

Although the text based status update was brought back — on the backseat — users never took to liking the disappearing Status updates and rarely people update one themselves or care to check someone else’s.

We sincerely hope, as mentioned before, that WhatsApp rolls out a public update including this feature with better options which are used more by users.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp users in China were reported to be experiencing difficulties in sending messages, photos and videos to their contacts as the Chinese government is tightening its grip over the internet.

Reportedly, WhatsApp is also testing out a new feature which lets users view shared YouTube videos without leaving the app, in a picture-in-picture view.

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