Top 7 EBook Reader Apps for Android

I am an avid book reader. Most of the times, I find myself looking for a something to read whenever I am free. However, this ‘good’ habit (or so people say) has its own set of drawbacks. For starters, I don’t always have a book with me all the time.

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This issue was eventually solved by the introduction of Kobo and Kindle readers. Though it had its share of benefits like mobility and bigger & better content selection. But more often than not, I found myself failing to charge it on time. That’s when I turned to one such device which solved both the issue of charging and mobility — my smartphone.

Smartphones these days are capable of so much. That includes doubling up as ebook readers, thanks to the cool apps and big displays.

Here in this post, we have lined up a list of the top 7 ebook reader apps for Android, so that you don’t just get to augment your book collection but also carry your books everywhere you go.

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1. Aldiko Book Reader

The first in our list is the Aldiko Book Reader. Rated 4.2 in the Play Store, Aldiko has over 30+ million users. This app not only provides a great reading platform but also doubles up as store containing thousands of free and paid books.

Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 57 10 105 Com Aldiko Android 576X1024
Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 57 21 200 Com Aldiko Android 576X1024

Aldiko sports an interface is easy to use and quite a few nifty features like text highlighter, global translate, bookmark, font adjustment, etc.

But perhaps the most loved feature is its support for formats like EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM books.

The free ebooks are sourced from public domains while the paid ones can be easily bought from within the app. Plus, you can also import your own books to it and read.

2. Kobo Book Reader

Kobo is quite a well-known name in the ebook world and the Kobo Book Reader for Android is no less. It features over 5 million titles — both free and paid. The interface is easy to use with the text standing out to be bright and clear.

Moreover, you’d fall in love with the page transition effects — it’s almost life-like.

Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 51 15 107 Com Kobobooks Android
Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 51 57 350 Com Kobobooks Android

Similar to Aldiko, it also lets you add your own customization to the books like notes and highlights. Plus its built-in dictionary lets you search for meanings in a jiffy.

For readers in the US, Canada, Australia, NZ and Singapore, the Kobo Book Reader credits $5 for every new user.

3. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is a typical new age Android app with tons of features and customization methods. Unlike the above two apps, Moon+ is strictly a reader app which means that there are no built-in stores.

Screenshot 2017 07 28 18 03 20 635 Com Flyersoft Moonreader
Screenshot 2017 07 28 18 03 48 107 Com Flyersoft Moonreader

It supports a ton of formats, including EPUB, PDF, mobi, ZIP, TXT, HTML, among others. Moreover, the customization options are immense like changing themes, modifying the reader bar layout, etc

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4. Universal Book Reader

Next on the list is the Universal Book Reader app. With a rating of 4.4 in the Play Store, this app should feature in every bookworms’ list of essentials for its rich features and wider format support.

Screenshot 2017 07 28 18 11 29 893 Com Mobisystems Ubreader West
Screenshot 2017 07 28 18 10 26 614 Com Mobisystems Ubreader West

It supports around 50 different formats and lets you import your favorite EPUB and PDF files from your device. Also, there’s a nifty option to add a variety of bookshelves to categorize books.

If your phone doesn’t have a built-in reading mode, this app will take care of it with its multiple view modes for easier reading.

Similar to the other Android ebook readers, Universal Book Reader lets you have a customizable reading experience with modifications to the font size, brightness and orientation settings.

5. Bookari Free Ebook Reader

Bookari is flexible ebook reader app which also lets you buy books from a variety of stores. It comes with the ability to sync your bookshelves across a number of devices. Plus, if you have a book stored in your Dropbox account, Bookari can even fetch it for you.

Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 57 40 447 Com Mantano Reader Android Lite
Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 57 48 810 Com Mantano Reader Android Lite

On the features front, it lets you highlight text snippets and organize your book collection, among others. As a downside, it only supports EPUB2 and PDF file formats.

6. Lithium: EPUB Reader

The Lithium: EPUB Reader is the new kid in the block of ebook readers. If you are looking for a simple and minimalistic reader with no added frills, trust the Lithium app to serve that purpose.

Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 58 13 108 Com Faultexception Reader
Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 58 45 972 Com Faultexception Reader

Being a relatively new app, it has fewer features (as of now) but is expected to bring in more in the future. The basic features like the highlighting text, changing themes, organizing books and note taking are built-in to the app. The only drawback of this app is that it supports only EPUB files.

So, if your goal is to bury yourself in a book with no interference, the Lithium EPUB Reader is your best bet.

7. eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

Last, but not the least, is the eReader Prestigio app. One of my favorite apps, this one has quite a handful of features. Whether it’s sorting your books, adjusting the brightness, selecting themes for the shelf or a night reading mode — it has them all.

Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 11 57 264 Com Prestigio Ereader
Screenshot 2017 07 28 19 10 53 771 Com Prestigio Ereader

What makes the eReader Prestigio app stand out from the other apps is its impressive design and interface. It’s simple and light, but whichever features you need, odds are, you’ll find them in this app.

That’s a Wrap!

So, rekindle your love for books and discover great books in the process with these handy e-reader apps for Android. If you ask me, I am already smitten by the Prestigio ereader app, what about you?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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